Can a Gas Stove Explode? Know the Right Answer Here

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In this article, we will talk about the main reasons for a gas stove exploding. The explosion of the stove happens mainly when there is a gas leak or burner not firing properly but the explosion of the stove is very rare because the modern stove is equipped with a safety feature

The main reason is that a gas stove can explode if not properly maintained. The gas range that is maintained and used properly is completely safe! What could cause a real explosion is the accumulation of gas in the air. This happens when there is a gas leak somewhere inside the stove, or if the amplifier does not spark properly

But just because an explosion of modern gas stoves is not common does not mean that it is completely impossible. When the stove fails to light for a long time, there is a chance that the room will be filled with gas.

 Keep in mind, the smell of gas above the stove when used is completely normal, but the smelly gas when you enter the house is very dangerous and that can cause you various health issues.

Why does a gas stove explode?

If gas is allowed to accumulate in the air and something sparkles it, it could cause an explosion. When the air is full of gas, something as small as a light switch can cause enough explosion. 

Explosions can cause your oven door to crash, even if it is made of strong glass. We do not recommend that you touch any metal object inside the house, including the telephone. If this happens to you, get out of the house immediately and call 911 only when you are not at home.

Due to loose connection

If the gas is moving through the connection joints and the gas pipe gets loose then it can be very dangerous because gas may be filled in the entire place and can cause an explosion.

Due to incorrect gaslight

Wrong fuels can often be identified by noise from the stove. You will usually hear a clicking, growing, or howling sound. The igniter tries to light the gas but fails to do so because it is dirty, damaged by spillage, or by a production fault.

Due to non-maintenance / cleaning

If you do not pay attention to the stove for a long time, there is a very good chance that you will have a lot of food waste and fuel that will prevent the fuel from burning the gas. You should clean your stove regularly. It is recommended that everyone clean their stove every 3 to 6 months.

Is a gas stove dangerous?

The stove can contribute to poor indoor air quality, especially if used without a chimney. Gas stoves release nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and formaldehyde (HCHO), these gases can cause health issues. This study showed a simulation model to measure gas stove emissions and exposure experienced by different family members.

Using a chimney absorbs all the oil and smoke that is released during cooking and cooking emits smoke that is often harmful to your health. That is why it is recommended to use a chimney in all kitchens.

What are the safety features of today’s gas stove?

As you already know, in today’s world people create everything with comfort and security. That’s why it’s important to see safety features in stoves.

Automatic recognition

Automatic gas stoves are popular in the modern kitchen. So with automatic heating, you can be safe when using the stove as it opens quickly.

Flame failure device

FFD (Flame failure device) is a safety feature that helps to stop the gas flow to the burner of your gas and this will prevent the harmful gas from leaking into your kitchen atmosphere.


The gas closes the valve 

   Closing valves are designed to control the flow of gas and other materials through full or partial operation or at a certain flow rate. We offer a wide variety of shutoff valves, styles, and asset building for a variety of applications.


Default Timer

     This device is an amazing invention of modern days cooking technology. Many people let the vegetables boil and often forget to come and check the cooking at the proper time. But with the help of this device the burner will automatically turn off and there will be no spilling of water on the gas burner. It generally uses propane gas for this cooking solution and it’s also user friendly.  

A kitchen is a place where we spend some time, and it is often used every day. With the developing time, we all know that the kitchen is also updated, therefore you should keep the fact that most kitchens have a lot of functionality, it is important to keep a few simple points in mind to avoid any of the dangers associated with LPG. Some of the LPG tips are listed below:

Additional safety tips to prevent gas stove explosion

Never use any device that does not meet BIS security standards. Using substandard products can lead to damage due to poor quality. Do not forget to check the LPG controller and Suraksha rubber tubes in your kitchen are marked with an ISI and make sure you buy them from reputable sources. Any damage to the rubber tube or the regulator can lead to gas leaks, resulting in the possibility of an explosion.

Tips to prevent gas stove explosion

  • Make sure you get your services regularly. There may be situations where we feel a quick fix, home remodeling is all that is needed, but one should avoid this. The service should be done by qualified professionals, with a temporary test performed.
  • Check the LPG cylinder to see if it is real. Given the huge black market there, it is possible to send a duplicate cylinder.
  • Make sure the safety cap is not disturbed before delivering the LPG cylinder.
  • If you do not know how to connect the LPG cylinder please ask the delivery boy to show you how to connect it. DO NOT TEST WHILE Connect YOUR LPG CYLINDER.
  • Make sure the cylinder is kept upright, in a place with adequate ventilation. This is so that the gas leak does not stick to one location.
  • DO not miss to keep your cylinder at the flat land, with flat land we mean at the ground level. Do not put a cylinder in a cupboard, or keep it at the same level as a gas stove.
  • There are security devices that can be purchased on the market. This can prevent accidental leakage.
  • Make sure the gas stove has no curtains nearby. This can accidentally lead to a fire if the curtains ignite the stove while it is on fire.

How often do gas stoves explode?

In India we can find news about gas stove explosions almost every week. In fact, according to our internal research, there are more than 500 such cases that have happened in our country in the last 12 months alone. So it is indeed a serious issue. 

A gas explosion can occur when there is a gas leak and it catches a spark or flame from any mode. To prevent these types of gas there are some proper precautions to handle a gas stove. You have to be familiar with the gas smell so that you can take action immediately to escape from a gas explosion.


Now that you understand the potential effects of gas explosions and how to prevent them, Stoves can explode if there is a gas leak from the wrong stove, user error, or both.

Think of it like a car, it can be dangerous in certain situations and a very useful tool that does good rather than bad in the hands of someone who knows the potential dangers and who knows how to prevent as many accidents as possible.