7 Best Sunflame Gas Stoves In India: Expert Reviews

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Sunflame is one of the best and well-known brands in India when it comes to manufacturing great gas stoves. They have covered almost every option related to gas stoves keeping in mind the different kinds of customer requirements.

You do not have to look anywhere else other than Sunflame, no matter what specific choice you have. Whether your choice is a full stainless steel body, high-quality brass burners, durable glass top, or something a bit budget-friendly, this brand has an option ready for you to go for without further hesitations.

Almost all of their burners and cooktop are resistant to high or extremely fluctuating temperatures. This solely makes their products so long-lasting and trustworthy.

As you read along, we will know more about why Sunflame can become your ultimate choice for an accurate gas stove for your kitchen.  

Top 7 Best Sunflame Gas Stoves In India (2021)

Sunflame gas stoves are readily available anywhere on various online shopping websites and also offline stores.

We have got ourselves at least 25 to 30 Sunflame gas stoves for trying and testing purposes in order to make this list. So, we can be sure of the fact that the list we are putting below is not by any kind of a fluke. The reviews made were completely based on our personal experience after using these products for a substantial amount of time.

We have minutely examined the materials used, value for money, design, burner and cooktop quality.

1. SUNFLAME GT Pride 3 Brass Burner Gas Stove

SUNFLAME GT Pride 3 Brass Burner Gas Stove

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Key Features:

  •   Shape: Rectangular; Color: Black.
  •   The glass top is strong and thick up to 6mm.
  •   3 full brass burners (heating elements).
  •   The pan Supports are made for heavy-duty purposes.
  •   Knobs are easy and quick to light and access the stove.

This Sunflame gas stove is one of the best stoves made by the company, for sure. It is a clear winner if we consider the quality of various materials used for the making of this product.

The product dimensions are 67.8 × 46 × 8.5 cm and it weighs around 6.6 kgs.

The gas stove comes with three variants based on the number of burners: 2 burners, 3 burners, and 4 burners. We are discussing the 3 burner variant here. This variant includes one big burner and two smaller ones.

The burners are made of durable brass. It does not get easily burned after using it for a while, which happens very often to poor-quality burners. These burners are capable of retaining their golden shine for a very long time

The glass top is made of 6mm tough and hard glass. The black powdery finish adds an extra tinge of beauty to the gas stove.

The stainless steel drip dry has no holes and is very easy to clean. It has been solely designed to avoid any kinds of spillage.

The warranty provided is of 2 years on manufacturing defects.

The package includes one 3-burner stove, a warranty card, and a user manual.  


  •   The ergonomic knob design is very stylish as well as easy to operate.
  •   The glass top is very tough and not vulnerable to any kinds of damage.
  •   The product is very easy to clean overall.


  •   After-sales services can be a bit unsatisfactory at times. They can be unavailable or busy occasionally.    
  •   The knobs are initially very tight. However, it loosens up generally after a month of usage.

Editor’s Pick:

This product by Sunflame has been made using a lot of good quality materials. The hardened glass top, the brass burners, and the stainless steel drip tray seem to be quite long-lasting. This gas stove can be your choice, if good quality materials are your primary concern.

2. SUNFLAME GT Stainless Steel 2 Burner LPG Gas Stove

SUNFLAME GT Stainless Steel 2 Burner LPG Gas Stove

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Key Features:

  •   Silver in color.
  •   2 highly efficient full brass burners (heating elements).
  •   Stainless steel drip tray.
  •   Durable and long-lasting cooktop.
  •   The base is metallic with a power coated finish.
  •   Elevates the looks of your kitchen with its modern style.
  •   Applicable for many purposes. It includes heating food, frying, boiling, and cooking.

This Sunflame product has many advantages. The good quality and low price has to be the most prominent reasons behind it.

The GT 2B FOCUS is the ideal gas stove for Indian kitchens. The stainless steel body makes it look really stylish and is very easy to clean.

The product dimensions are 63.5 × 33 × 7.6 cm and it weighs around 4 kgs.

The couple of burners were made using remarkably premium brass. The cooktop is made of strong and durable glass which is 6mm in thickness.

The ergonomic rotary knobs have conveniently maintained all of the safety measures required, besides being very easy to use.

The developed brass burners do not do any damages to the glass cooktop. The toughened glass is resistant to extremely high temperatures. It is not only resistant to high temperatures,  but is also resistant to corrosion or scratches. This is a great advantage to have as it makes your gas stove look new and stylish even after heavy uses.

The legs are anti-skid which provides great support and better grip to the gas stove while cooking.

However, Sunflame does not mention their warranty terms for this product. We expect it to be at least 1 year.


  •   Very cheap and reasonable in price.
  •   The burners are made of superb quality brass and comes with a 3-pin support.
  •   The body is fully made of durable stainless steel and a hardened glass cooktop.


  •   Any kind of warranty is not mentioned or provided with this product.
  •   After-sales customer complaints are dealt with a bit reluctantly.

Editor’s Pick:

This product is providing everything that makes a gas stove burner excellent. Besides, the price of the gas stove also remains between the 3k and 3.2k mark. This stove can be your choice, if your budget is low but you want a good quality product for your kitchen.

3. SUNFLAME Gt Pride Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove


SUNFLAME Gt Pride Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

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Key Features:

  •   4 burners, made of high quality brass. 
  •   Powered black matt finish.
  •   Cooktop is made of 6mm thick toughened glass.
  •   Drip trays are prepared using high quality stainless steel and are spill-proof.
  •   Ergonomic operating knobs.

Let us introduce to you a Sunflame four-burner gas stove. Four burner gas stoves are mainly a must-have requirement for commercial kitchens. But, it can be suitable for a home kitchen with huge cooking loads. It allows you to cook two to three dishes at least at a time, even if all the four burners are not used.

The metallic base of the gas stove with the powder-coated cooktop is resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, and scratches. It will enhance the durability of this product to a great extent.

The pan supports are up to the work and it efficiently protects cooking pans from wobbling around.

The brass burners are of very satisfactory quality and are resistant to corrosion too.

Ergonomic knobs require just a gentle push to make the gas stove work.

The leg supports are steady. The gas stove does not slip and holds a fixed grip with the help of the leg supports. 

The 6mm toughened glass used is outstanding. It can hold up to 150-200kgs of weight easily at a time.

The whole cookware is easy to clean. It requires only a wipe to clean the cooktop as glass already has non-stick properties.


  •   Comes with a LPG Hose pipe made with rubber. This hose pipe makes connectivity of the gas stove with the gas cylinder easy and convenient.
  •   Has three more variants to choose from, in case you do not want four burners in your gas stove.
  •   The materials used for manufacturing this product, brass, stainless steel, and toughened 6mm glass are all of great quality which increases its longevity.


  •   Auto-ignition feature is not installed in this stove.

Editor’s Pick:

This four burner gas stove is made with incredible supervision by Sunflame which makes it one of their best gas stoves. It also provides a rubber hose pipe of 8mm diameter. This product can definitely top your choice list.

4. SUNFLAME Classic 3 Burner Gas Stove

SUNFLAME Classic 3 Burner Gas Stove

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Key Features:

  •   Cooktop is made with toughened glass.
  •   Equipped with 3 highly efficient burners made of brass.
  •   Strong powder-coated metallic sheet base.
  •   Pan support is euro coated.
  •   Powerful Stainless Steel Drip Trays.
  •   Glossy Black in Color.

The classic series of Sunflame are the gas stoves for which the brand has made its name and goodwill among customers in the market. Basically, the classic has two variants in color, silver and black. We are discussing the black one here.

The product dimensions are 71.1 × 44.5 × 14 cm and it weighs just less than 10kgs. You can guess with the help of the dimensions that enough space is provided between the burners. This ensures that you can use all the burners even if the size of your utensils are bit on the bigger side. The weight of this model is a bit on the higher side, as enough space is provided between the burners.

The classic gas stove gives you a great cooking experience. It has been made solely keeping heavy-duty cooking in mind.

The prominent features which makes it an incredible gas stove are high-quality brass burners, 6mm thickened glass, full-body stainless steel support, and anti-skid strong legs.

The warranty period of this product is 1 year.


  •   Stainless steel used in the making various parts of this gas stove is of excellent quality, and thicker compared to others.
  •   Very easy to operate as it is the classic model.
  •   Original spare parts of this model are easily found as this is one of the most commonly known gas stoves made by Sunflame.


  •   The burners are made a bit too close to each other. For this reason, it is difficult to use three burners at a time if you are using utensils a bit bigger in size.
  •   The weight of this product is on the higher side. It is just under 10kgs. This can be a bit problematic if you want to clean the whole cookware at once.  

Editor’s Pick:

This Sunflame product is one of their most traditional and commonly known gas stoves. Many customers across India are using this product and are extremely happy with it. Classic 3B can easily become your most preferred cooking companion.

5. Sunflame Pearl Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove


Sunflame Pearl Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

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Key Features

  •   Black in color and rectangular in shape.
  •   The cooktop is made using 6mm super tough glass.
  •   Fully metallic base with black powder-coated and glossy finish.
  •   Comes with three highly efficient burners made with premium quality brass. (1 big and 2 small).
  •   Pan supports are specially made for heavy-duty purposes and easily accommodate pans of any size.
  •   The drip tray is made of rust-free, thick stainless steel.
  •   Ergonomic knobs are provided to operate the gas stove.

The all-new ‘Pearl’ series is booming in the gas stoves world. Sunflame has tried to make new changes with this product in a better way and has succeeded to do it.

The best thing to mention in this product is the extraordinary cooktop made with 6mm thickened glass. The glass used is transparent and this gives an excellent look to your cookware.

The dimensions of the product are 71.12 × 44.45 × 13.97 cm and weighs 9.54 kgs.

All the three burners are made up of magnificent quality brass which allows uniform distribution of heat in the cooking utensils.

The stainless steel drip tray has no holes. It is especially designed so as to avoid every kind of spillage.

The warranty of this product is 2 years on manufacturing defects.


  •   The pan supports are exceptionally strong. It can fit weighty utensils easily.
  •   The drip trays are not removable. This can be a bit problematic when it comes to cleaning.
  •   Delivery services are very quick.
  •   The glass in the cooktop is transparent which makes it look awesome.


  •   Large amount of gas comes out of the big burner. It is advisable to keep it a bit medium for this reason.
  •   The big burner can make a disturbing sound. It goes away after a couple of months of use.

Editor’s Pick:

This Sunflame product is outstanding in both performance and looks. Features like these make the ‘Pearl’ model highly recommended. It can be the perfect 3 burner gas stove for your kitchen.

6. Sunflame EXCEL COOK 2 Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame EXCEL COOK 2 Burner Gas Stove

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Key Features:

  •   Rectangular in shape and silver in color.
  •   The body is fully made with durable and long-lasting stainless steel.
  •   Comes with a couple of burners made of solid brass. (1 big and 1 small).
  •   The drip tray is designed to ensure zero leakage and made with stainless steel.
  •   Pan supports are specially made for heavy-duty purposes and easily accommodate pans of any size.
  •   Ergonomic and safe knobs for regulating the gas stove.

The traditional EXCEL COOK is still ranked among the list of Top Sunflame’s gas stoves.

The full body is made with rust-free, stainless steel. It looks a bit out of fashion to be honest but has its own pros. Gas stoves entirely made with stainless steel are far more durable and long-lasting compared to the glass top ones. The strong stainless steel keeps the gas stove ready for heavy-duty uses.

The dimensions of this product are 65.2 × 38.8 × 10.2cms and weighs around 4.19kgs.

The weight of this gas stove is very light and it is a prior advantage to have for proper cleaning.

A burner cleaning needle is also provided. It is useful to pricking the holes in the burners. Pricking will clean up the holes and saves it from getting clogged.

The warranty period is a couple of years for manufacturing a defects.

The package includes one 2-burner gas stove, one burner cleaning needle, user’s manual, and the warranty card.


  •   Very easy to operate as it is Sunflame’s one of the most classic gas stove.
  •   The low weight makes it very easy to clean.
  •   Drip trays are not screwed and can be removed anytime for washing.


  •   The body gets extremely heated up while cooking as it is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel gets heated very quickly and easily.
  •   The customer services are a bit slow.

Editor’s Pick:

This is Sunflame’s one of the most trusted gas stove ever. The ‘Excel Cook’ is also very cheap in price as it costs just over 2k. This is certainly a product to opt for, for it’s durable built and excellent performance.

7. SUNFLAME Crown Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove

SUNFLAME Crown Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove

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Key Features:

  •   Toughened Glass cook top.
  •   A Couple of burners made with high efficiency brass. (1 big and 1 small).
  •   Stainless steel base with an attractive brushed matte finish.
  •   Metal base sheet with powder coating.
  •   Powder-coated tough pan supports.
  •   Stainless steel drip tray which guarantees no spillage.

Sunflame’s gas stoves with glass cooktops  generally cost over 3.5k INR in price. So, the company decided to make a 2 burner variant of the product which will cost well below 3K INR. They have successfully launched this product as their budget-friendly glass cooktop option. However, they have not compromised with the quality of the product by lowering their price.

The product dimensions (L × W × H) are 48 × 29 × 9cms. The most remarkable feature is the extremely low weight of this product. It is just 3 kilograms. This makes cleaning a very simple job. The Sunflame ‘Crown’ is probably the lightest gas stove in the market.

The ergonomic knobs maintain all of the essential safety parameters. It gives fast and easy access to lit, adjust the flames, and to turn off the gas stove.

The spill-proof, stainless steel drip tray is professionally designed to avoid any kinds of drippings or spillage. It does a fantastic job.

The two brass burners ensure even distribution of heat on the cooking utensils.

The warranty of this product is 2 years on manufacturing defects.


  •   Three pins supports in the brass burners which is essential for Indian-style cooking.
  •   Extremely light in weight which makes cleaning of this stove an easy job.
  •   Enough space is given between two burners. This helps in accommodating two big utensils at a time for cooking.


  •   The brass burners create an additional sound when new. This sound goes away after a couple of months of use.

Editor’s Pick:

This gas stove has two most important things, besides all its wonderful features. They are that the product is extremely low in weight as well as price. It can become your no. 1 choice if you are looking for a good, budget-friendly, 2-burner gas stove.  


Which is the best Sunflame Gas Stove in India?

Sunflame is a renowned brand. And, all the seven gas stoves listed above fall under the category of ‘best sunflame gas stoves in India’. The list is solely dedicated to pick out the best of sunflame.

However, if you want us to choose the best among one from the list, then we would recommend you the ‘SUNFLAME GT PRIDE Glass Top 3-burner has stove’. The very first gas stove on our list is the GT Pride 3-burner. The quality of materials used for making this product, and its attractive design makes it a class apart from the others.

Why should I choose Sunflame gas stoves?

Sunflame is one of the leading brands in the field of gas stoves for over thirty years now. They have been earning the reputation and trust from their happy customers with the help of their exceptional products.

Apart from this, Sunflame allows you to choose from the wide array from gas stoves. You can have it all from them, from different price ranges to material and design variations. So, choosing Sunflame makes it automatically easier to choose the perfect gas stove for your kitchen.


It is better to trust the reputation of Sunflame than wandering around other brands whose products are never up to the mark.

It is advisable for you to go through the minute details and features of the products, in order to buy the best-suited gas stove for your kitchen. Always decide the amount of cooking load in your kitchen and then choose the number of burners you require. A 2-burner gas stove will be enough for cooking for a small/neutral family. But, we will require more burners for cooking for a large family with many members.

We ardently hope that the list of Sunflame gas stoves we provided to you will help you to choose the best one as per your requirements. Happy cooking!