8 Best Gas Stoves in India 2022: Expert Reviews & Top Pick

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Gas stoves are the queen of kitchen appliances, ruling the market since 1836. Every cooking enthusiast from restaurant chefs to avid home cooks prefers gas stoves to prepare food. The reason is simple: gas stoves have several benefits to offer for effective cooking. 

It provides better temperature control, facilitates faster and even cooking while being energy-efficient, cost-effective and cookware-friendly. Plus, a power outage does not disrupt the working of a gas stove.

For many such reasons, the past few years saw a hike in the demand for modern gas stoves in the Indian market place. It encouraged several high-end companies to come up with different types of gas stoves, besides the old single and double burner gas stoves with simple knobs and operations. 

Modern gas stoves now come with the choice between three and four burners, glass and steel top, brass and aluminium burners, different varieties of knob as well as the facility for auto-ignition.  

Because of its high utility, effectiveness, durability and long life, buying a gas stove is a long-term decision. So, while setting up your kitchen, it is absolutely necessary to purchase the right gas stove. 

You simply don’t want to end up purchasing a stove which is under-featured or over-featured and be stuck with it for years! You need to weigh your options very carefully to avoid buying a gas stove that doesn’t meet your requirements or exceeds your requirements.

And that is exactly why we are here to guide you with our well-researched article on the best gas stoves in India. Whether you are looking for the best brand or for the best type of gas stoves or simply for the factors influencing the purchase, we have it all covered in our comprehensive buying guide!

Best Gas Stove Brands in India

 There are different brands in India that manufacture quality gas stoves fit for every kitchen. Brands like Prestige, Whirlpool, Elica, Faber, Pigeon, Glen, Cello Prima, Milton, Hindware, Bajaj, Butterfly, Brightflame, Fogger, Lifelong, Superflame, Sunflame, Wonderchef and several others are a high name in the industry. 

However, only a few among these brands have managed to create a good reputation for themselves and earned greater fame for producing the best gas stoves in India, while others are still rising to meet the customer demands.

Here is our list of the top 5 Best Brands manufacturing gas stoves in India:


Prestige is the most reputed kitchen appliance brand in India. It is the market leader in producing top-notch products like cookwares, cooktops, gas stoves, mixer grinders and other appliances for Indian kitchens. 

It has a wide range of models which are sturdy and easy to use with industry-leading warranty of products that makes it dear to the hearts of customers. 

The forerunner in the kitchen range, Prestige manufactures gas stoves which are not only attractive in designs but are also most reliable. Its diverse product portfolio, innovative product designs and brilliant performance has earned the company several awards.


Whirlpool is a globally acclaimed brand for kitchen devices and other electronic appliances. Being around for a very long time, it’s the most trusted brand in India. Thus, even though the company has started manufacturing gas stoves only recently, their gas stoves sell like hot cakes. 

The most tempting feature that appeals to the Indian customers is that Whirlpool manufactures gas stoves tailored to the best practices that suit the global audience. With aesthetic designs, exclusive features and affordable price, the brand has definitely earned its place in the market as one of the best-selling gas stove brands in India.


Elica has earned a leading position in the Indian as well as global market with its ergonomic products that revolutionized the kitchen hood industry. Elica comes across as one of the promising brands for kitchen products with their sophisticated designs, robust build and high durability. 

The brand excels in manufacturing high-end products armed with new technologies within an affordable price range. 

Their gas stoves are the perfect examples of high-quality economical products that combine toughness with elegance. With its safety features, efficient performance, high reliability and budget-friendly deals, the brand is a perfect fit for Indian kitchens.  


Faber is another prominent brand name as the manufacturer of aesthetic and durable kitchen appliances. The company’s products are designed to make cooking a delightful experience and not an arduous task. 

Their high-end product quality, lifetime warranty, high-rated after-sales service and their commitment to customer safety earned Faber the glory to be the most premium brand in India. 

The brand has made its name in the gas stove industry by manufacturing cutting-edge appliances for the Indian kitchen. With its sturdy build, exclusive features, ergonomic designs and high durability, Faber comes under the top gas stove brands in India.


Pigeon has earned its name in the market as the brand for ultra modern kitchen appliances. The company serves as the pioneer in superior kitchen solutions in India. 

They manufacture products catering to the specific needs of its customers to give their kitchens a special look. The company manufactures a wide range of kitchen appliances that are specially designed keeping the Indian cooking conditions in mind. 

Thus, every variety of their high-quality gas stoves is perfectly suited for Indian kitchens. The USP of the brand lies in their perfect understanding of the Indian market, enabling them to manufacture appliances meeting the needs and budgets of every household.

Which Brand of Gas Stove is Best in India

Amid all the reputed brands, it is Prestige that rules the Indian market as the manufacturer of the best kitchen appliances. The greatest secret behind the brand’s success is that it believes in outshining the expectations of its customers.

Plus there are several practical reasons behind their dominance:

  •   Their gas stoves are rated among the safest and most durable products available in the market.
  •   They are quick to bring in product innovations imbuing their gas stoves with latest technologies.
  •   They use imported materials and foreign technologies to manufacture their gas stoves.
  •   Their sturdy gas stoves are built with leak-proof technologies to prevent unwelcomed gas leakage.
  •   Almost all their gas stoves come with a spill-proof design that rubs the worry of stubborn stains off the minds.
  •   They produce gas stoves with hardened glass-tops which are usually shatter-proof. Some models are produced using SCHOTT glass that can endure even higher thermal shock and mechanical impact.
  •   Their gas stoves provide high energy-efficiency.
  •   They provide the best product warranty as well as assured after sales services and customer support.

Type of Gas Stoves

 There are many different types of gas stoves available in the market. The type depends on the material, kind and number of burners, as well as on the top-finish, ignition methods and designs. Let us now explore the types one by one.

Material of Burners:

Based on material, there are two types of burners—brass burners and Aluminium burners.

Brass burners can quickly absorb heat and transfer it evenly. They are good at withstanding extreme weather conditions. Plus, they are corrosion resistant and have high durability. However, they are a bit expensive.

Aluminium burners, on the other hand, are economical and have low melting points. However, they are less corrosion resistant, have a short life span and need frequent maintenance.

Kind of Burners:

There are three distinct kinds of burners—Standing Pilot, Electric Ignition and Sealed Burners which determine the type of gas stove.

Standing Pilot is the type of burner where the flame continuously burns under a cooktop. It generates more heat but consumes a lot of fuel.

Electric Ignition is the system that utilizes electricity to feed electrodes producing sparks for ignition. Once ignited, the flame sensors regulate the flow of gas into the burners. If the fire goes off, the sensor immediately stops the flow of gas to avoid accidents.

Sealed Burners are the ones where the burners are sealed inside to control the flame direction and prevent the flame from getting affected by cooking spills.

Number of Burners:

Depending on the number of burners used, there are three types of gas stoves. Single burner gas stove that has only one burner and double burner gas stove that has two burners are the most common gas stoves found in Indian kitchens. 

However, to facilitate fast cooking for large families, three and four burner stoves are gaining popularity in the market now.

Top Finish:

Based on top finish, there are two types of gas stoves—one that has a glass-top finish and another with steel finish.

The modern glass-top models tend to provide an edge over traditional stainless steel gas stoves in that they are easy to clean and maintain. Plus, they also offer a sharper look to the gas stove.

However, the stainless steel tops are more durable and sturdy, though several glass-top models come with hardened materials which are hard to crack.

Ignition Method:

Based on the ignition method, there are two types of gas stoves—manual ignition and auto ignition.

Manual ignition gas stoves are the traditional ones that need a matchstick or an electric lighter to ignite the burners. Auto ignition gas stoves do not require an electric lighter but can light the burners simply with the turn of a knob.

The only difference between the two gas stoves is that auto ignition provides you with an ease of cooking which comes with a higher cost.


Based on design, there are several different types of gas stoves and the manufacturers are always coming with something innovative every time.

You have designs with hard glass tops or no glass tops or with floral designs on the glass tops. Then, you can choose the colour ranging from pitch black to shiny silver or deep maroon. Plus, the alignment of the burners and the placement of knobs differ with different designs.

The particular design generally depends on the company producing the gas stoves and is usually determined by the market demands and consumer comforts.

Best Single Burner Gas Stoves in India

 From the range of products available in the market, we have short-listed the top three best single burner gas stoves in India. Our methodology of selection is simple: we chose the best brands and selected their best gas stove according to customer reviews and ratings. Come, let’s have a look:

1. TTK Prestige Marvel Single Burner Gas Stove

TTK Prestige Marvel Single Burner Gas Stove

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This is also a high-quality attractive looking gas stove with a moderately high price range.

 Key Highlighted Features:

  •   Manual ignition
  •   Medium size, tri-pin brass burner
  •   Powder coated body with toughened glass top
  •   Ergonomically designed knob
  •   Spill proof
  •   Fuel-efficiency

Product Description

Its powder coated body with toughened glass top makes it sturdy while giving the gas stove an attractive look. It also comes with fuel-efficiency.

The medium-sized brass burner enhances performance and resists corrosion. The tri-pin burners increase the efficiency of cooking. The ergonomically designed knob makes it easier to grip while cooking.

The hardened glass top is strong enough not to break under the pressure of heavy utensils. The spill-proof technology of the gas stove helps you avoid the damage due to spills and drips during cooking.

It also comes with a 2 years warranty from the manufacturer against defective parts.


  •   Excellent powder coating.
  •   Strong glass top.
  •   Sturdy, portable and reliable.
  •   Easy to clean.


  •   A little costly.
  •   Knob is a little tricky to use.
  •   Burner turns black sometimes.

2. Fogger Glen Stainless Steel 1 Burner Gas Stove

Fogger Glen Stainless Steel 1 Burner Gas Stove

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This single burner gas stove from Fogger Glen is known for its attractive looks, portable qualities and affordable price.

Key Highlighted Features:

  •   Stainless Steel body with Brass Burner
  •   Heavy-duty
  •   Compact and portable
  •   Designer knob
  •   Rounded corners
  •   Fuel-efficient

Product Description

Its stainless steel body and brass burner helps to resist corrosion. It is very easy to use, clean and maintain. Hence, it is perfectly suited for regular use as well as during parties and events.

Portable and compact as it is, the gas stove allows for moving it around to outdoor parties and picnics. The heavy-duty brass burners can withstand high usage and can work with low maintenance. Fuel efficiency helps consume less energy.

The outer and inner flame rings of the burners allow for even heat distribution and hence uniform cooking. The designer knobs make for easy gripping while adding to the beauty of the stove. Rounded corners give the stove an attractive look and prevent accidental cuts.

It also comes with a 2 years warranty from the manufacturer.


  •   Sturdy build.
  •   Size of the burner is good.
  •   Smooth knob.
  •   Quality product within an affordable range.


  •   Lacks in low flame settings.
  •   Small drip tray.

Best 2 Burners Gas Stoves in India

From the range of products available in the market, we have short-listed the top three best 2 burners gas stoves in India. Our methodology of selection is simple: we chose the best brands and selected their best gas stove according to customer reviews and ratings. Come, let’s have a look:

1. Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

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This gas stove from Prestige is known for its blend of elegance with sturdiness and efficiency.

 Key Highlighted Features:

  •   Powder coated body
  •   Tri-pin brass burners
  •   Individual pan support
  •   Spill-proof technology
  •   Shatter-proof hardened glass top
  •   Precise flame control
  •   High fuel efficiency

Product Description

With powder coated body and brass burners, this gas stove is quite sturdy combined with the hardened glass top to bring elegance. Also, the gas stove is designed to provide high fuel efficiency and consume minimal space with its compactness.

Its exclusive spill-proof technology ensures hassle-free cooking by guarding you against accidental spills. It enhances effective cooking and maintains hygiene. The shatter-proof glass top is definitely hard to crack that takes another worry of damage off your head. Plus, it makes cleaning easy and convenient.

Also, the sturdy tri-pin brass burners are always there to ensure durability, uniform heat distribution and resist corrosion. Plus, they are completely leak-proof. Besides, the ergonomic knob controls are safe and smooth to use. They are specially designed to offer precise flame control, allowing the user to set optimum heat settings for different delicacies. The individual pan supports are great for providing additional sturdiness, uniform heating and the ease of cleaning.

There is also 2 years manufacturer warranty on defective parts.


  •   Compact yet spacious
  •   Sturdy built
  •   Glass coating makes it easy to clean
  •   Great flame control
  •   Strong pan supports
  •   High durability
  •   Good finishing


  •   Burners fail to provide high flame at times
  •   Air blocking noise encountered in some units
  •   Plates around the burners are rust-prone
  •   Glass needs special care

2. Pigeon Backline Smart 2 Burner Gas Stove

Pigeon Backline Smart 2 Burner Gas Stove

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This double burner gas stove is Pigeon’s best product that brings exclusive features within an affordable price range.

 Key Highlighted Features:

  •   Tri-pin brass burners
  •   Heat-resistant toughened glass
  •   Spill-proof design
  •   Auto-ignition
  •   ABS Knob
  •   Pan support
  •   Rubber feet

Product Description

This compact double burner gas stove from Pigeon fits perfectly into any kitchen. Its compactness doesn’t affect the space between the two burners which adds to the convenience of accommodating large utensils. Its auto-ignition technology adds to the ease by allowing you to ignite the burners without the use of any lighter but simply with the turn of a knob.

The heat-resistant toughened glass is quite sturdy, besides being elegant and stylish. The tri-pin brass burners are non-corrosive. They are also very effective in the uniform distribution of heat which helps to reduce cooking time and preserve fuel. The ABS Knobs offer effortless handling and ensure greater comfort in controlling the flame.

The spill-proof design of the gas stove calls for easy cleaning and low maintenance. The pan support extends its support to all kinds of cooking utensils. The tubular rubber feet of the gas stove provide extensive support, ensuring stable balance in case of heavy cooking that involves shaking, stirring or smashing.

It comes with a 2 years product warranty from the manufacturer.


  •   Budget-friendly quality product
  •   Compact yet spacious
  •   Easy to clean
  •   Light-weight
  •   Tubular rubber feet are quite effective
  •   Good pan support


  •   Glass-top is not very strong
  •   Burners needs special care
  •   Knobs lacks perfect finish
  •   Poor customer service

 Best 3 Burners Gas Stoves in India

From the range of products available in the market, we have short-listed the top three best 3 burners gas stoves in India. 

Our methodology of selection is simple: we chose the best brands and selected their best gas stove according to customer reviews and ratings. Come, let’s have a look. 

1. Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

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This triple burner gas stove from Elica is the brand’s best production with its premium appearance and efficient performance.

 Key Highlighted Features:

  •   Stainless steel body with hardened glass-top
  •   Double drip tray
  •   Differently-sized heavy-duty brass burners
  •   Premium knobs
  •   Euro coated pan support
  •   European tight gas valves

Product Description

This stylish gas stove from Elica combines the sturdiness of a stainless steel body and the toughness of a hardened glass-top. The steel is rust-resistant while the glass is shatter-proof and scratch-proof. This rare combination enhances durability while elevating kitchen elegance.

It comes with a double drip tray that absorbs all the spills during cooking, which can then be wiped off easily by removing the tray and cleaning it. The premium knobs are smooth and easy to handle, offering precise flame control to meet a wide range of cooking requirements. 

Its euro coated pan support helps to keep the utensils stable so that they don’t wobble while cooking. The European gas valves are tight and offer safe operation.

The gas stove also features three differently sized burners—one small, one medium and one big to serve varied cooking needs. All the burners are highly durable being made from non-corrosive brass. 

The heavy-duty burners offer smooth and sharp flame. There is enough space between the burners to ensure spacious and comfortable cooking.

It comes with a 2 years warranty from the date of purchase.


  •   Sturdy and spacious
  •   High-quality brass burners that doesn’t turn black with use
  •   The double drip tray eases the cleaning process
  •   Good-quality smooth-working knobs
  •   High-quality glass which is not easy to break


  •   Glass top start heating up with long hours of cooking on high flame
  •   Flame doesn’t work properly with low setting
  •   The burners makes a noise while in use
  •   The warranty is applicable only if the installation is done by Elica

2. Faber Jumbo 3 Burner Gas Stove (Glass Cooktop)

Faber Jumbo 3 Burner Gas Stove

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This triple burner gas stove features as Faber’s best product so far that makes new technologies available within an affordable price.

 Key Highlighted Features:

  •   Differently sized burner
  •   Powder-coated pan support
  •   Double drip tray
  •   Robust glass cooktop
  •   Anti-rust gas pipe
  •   Anti-leak technology

Product Description

This gas stove from Faber brings home some exclusive features that combine efficiency with affordability. The black powder-coated frame of the gas stove enhances durability by resisting scratches while lessening environmental impact.

The toughened glass that forms the body of the stove provides a classy look while adding to its sturdiness. Plus, the glass cook-top is designed to endure spicy, oily, creamy and saucy spills and still stay stain-proof with a little bit of easy cleaning. 

It features industrial-grade heat-resistant plastic knobs which are easier to control and have greater durability.

It comes with non-corrosive, differently-sized, brass burners—one small, one medium and one jumbo. Its blue flames provide greater efficiency, being energy-efficient and environment-friendly. The burners ensure safety by resisting high-heat.

Its powder-coated pan support provides extra stability to utensils, stops rusting, prevents scratching and fading of colours. Its double drip tray locks spillage during cooking and eases cleaning just by removing and wiping the tray. Its anti-rust gas pipe that prevents rusting and anti-leak technology that prevents leakage are an added advantage.

There is 1 year warranty on the product and 10 years warranty on the glass top.


  •   Budget-friendly
  •   Sturdy-built
  •   High-quality burners
  •   Well-built knobs
  •   Spacious
  •   Facilitates fast cooking
  •   Double drip tray eases cleaning


  •   Flame creates slight problems at times
  •   A bit bulky
  •   Top glass needs special care

Best 4 Burners Gas Stoves in India

From the range of products available in the market, we have short-listed the top three best 4 burners gas stoves in India. Our methodology of selection is simple: we chose the best brands and selected their best gas stove according to customer reviews and ratings. Come, let’s have a look: 

1. Elica Vetro Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

Elica Vetro Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

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This exclusive gas stove from Elica is specially designed to blend top-class features, style and efficiency.

 Key Highlighted Features:

  •   Toughened glass top
  •   Stainless steel plates
  •   Differently-sized brass burners
  •   Ergonomic smooth knobs
  •   Euro-coated grid support
  •   Fuel-efficiency

Product Description

This elegant gas stove from Elica comes with a toughened glass top which is rust-resistant, easy to clean, highly durable and offers a stylistic look. Plus, the stainless steel support enhances its sturdiness and longevity. The gas stove comes with high fuel-efficiency, allowing you to cook faster while consuming less fuel.

The stove is equipped with super-durable differently-sized brass burners—two small and two medium to serve varying cooking needs. The high-quality burners offer uniform distribution of heat with consistent flame to ensure quick, safe and even cooking. 

The burners utilise the stainless steel plate support to enhance its strength and durability. There is enough space between the burners to accommodate large utensils. The ergonomically designed knobs are smooth, easy to operate and add to the stylistic looks.

The best feature of this gas stove is the euro coated grid supports which keep the utensils stable offering proper balance during cooking. It prevent the utensils from toppling, avoiding any accidents and spillage that might occur otherwise.

There is 2 years warranty on the product and 7 years warranty on the glass-top.


  •   Sturdy
  •   Easy to clean
  •   Highly efficient burners
  •   Robust glass-top
  •   Smooth knob movement
  •   Great flame height and control
  •   Sufficient space between the burners
  •   Euro coated grid support works fine
  •   Offers good support to utensils while cooking
  •   High durability


  •   Installation is made a little difficult
  •   Burners makes noise sometimes
  •   Uneven alignment of knobs

2. Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

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This four burner gas stove from Whirlpool is known for its excellence in new technology, elegance and durability.

 Key Highlighted Features:

  •   Multi-ring burner
  •   Toughened glass
  •   Heat resistant knobs
  •   Differently sized brass burners
  •   Flame sensors
  •   Auto-ignition

Product Description

This four burner gas stove from Whirlpool is made from sturdy and durable material that enhances its longevity. Plus, the toughened glass is very strong, heat-resistant and extremely durable.

It comes with differently-sized burners—two small and two medium, which facilitates varying cooking requirements. All the brass burners are of high-quality and can resist corrosion. They offer clear, blue flames with good flame levels. The high flame and sim options of the multi-ring burners are perfectly suited for Indian cooking needs. 

The flame level can be easily controlled by the heat resistant knobs well suited for long hours of cooking. Plus, it comes with auto-ignition where the burner can be ignited automatically with the turn of a knob.

Most important is its 6th sense technology that enhances its safety requirements. With this modern technology of flame sensors, the appliance can sense when the flame goes off and immediately cuts off the gas supply to avoid accidents.

It comes with 10 years warranty on toughened glass, 5 years warranty on brass burners and lifetime warranty on gas valves.


  •   Sturdy
  •   Spacious
  •   Easy to handle
  •   High-quality burners
  •   Knobs can withstand heat
  •   Flame height suits the needs
  •   Withstands long hours of cooking


  •   Auto-ignition doesn’t work for some burners
  •   Irregular flame height
  •   Top-glass gets heated up
  •   Cleaning is a bit time-consuming

Best Gas Stoves in India Buying Guide

There are several factors influencing your final purchase decision for the gas stove that would perfectly fit your kitchen. Here are few such important factors that you must consider before buying a gas stove:

Number and Size of Burners:

This is a major consideration you need to do before choosing a gas stove. Burners come in different sizes and numbers. A gas stove may have from one to six burners and their size may vary within the same device. 

So, you need to understand your cooking requirements and decide how many burners you want in your gas stove. For two or three persons, double burners are fine but if you want to cook multiple items quickly you can go for gas stoves with more burners. However, multiple burners will increase the consumption of gas.

Next, consider the size of the burners as well. Different gas stoves offer different burner sizes. There might be a double burner gas stove with two equally sized burners or a triple burner gas stove where one burner is comparatively smaller than the other two and so on. 

So, think about your cooking needs and decide accordingly.

Ignition Type:

Next important factor to consider is the ignition type. Nowadays gas stoves come with two ignition types—manual ignition that needs a lighter and auto-ignition that needs you to simply turn a knob to ignite the burners. 

Both types of ignition work fine producing the same result and the choice depends on the user’s preference.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind here. If the auto-ignition system uses a battery, you would need to replace it frequently or if it runs on electricity then you would need the current every time you want to cook. Plus, auto-ignition systems are a bit costlier than the manual ignition.


Material plays an important role in determining the durability of your gas stove. So, you need to take into consideration the material—both of the burner and the body of the gas stove.

For burner material, it is important that you choose the one which can conduct heat and distribute it evenly as well as resist corrosion. There are basically two types of burner materials—brass and Aluminium. 

Both brass and Aluminium are excellent conductors of heat but while brass is corrosion resistant, Aluminium is not. Thus, brass burners have longer life than Aluminium ones. However, brass burners are a little costly.

For body material, you can choose either stainless steel or toughened glass. While glass can give your gas stove a beautiful appearance, steel gives its longevity. 

Shatterproof, anti-corrosion, spill-proof and easy to clean toughened glass are gaining ground with modular kitchens these days because of the elegance they bring with their exclusive colours and designs. 

However, the basic-looking but highly durable stainless steel gas stoves can match with any kitchen type and are quite affordable.


After the material comes the size. Nowadays, the gas stoves are available in various shapes and sizes. So, choose the one that matches your kitchen’s space and interiors.

To arrive at your decision, think about your cooking requisites as well as your kitchen space. Large gas stoves might not be suitable for a small kitchen as you would need space to keep other cooking essentials as well. Also, while choosing a small stove with multiple burners, make sure that the space between the burners is sufficient to accommodate large utensils and avoid spills or accidents.

Burner Design:

Burner design is also an important consideration when it comes to choosing your gas stove. You can choose from an array of options like high-heat, medium-heat, low-heat or wok burners as per your preference and requirements.

High-heat burners are ideal for frying and boiling as they can use high-heat flame to speed up cooking. Medium-heat burners allow sufficient temperature swings and are ideal for foods requiring temperature changes while cooking. Low-heat burners are suitable for cooking delicate items. 

Wok burners can heat faster than high-heat burners and hence minimizes cooking time with its rapid flow of intense heat flames.


When it comes to a gas stove that deals with inflammable gas or fuel and dangerous flames, safety is of paramount importance. So, you need to take technical safeguards and practical usage into consideration as well.

To ensure safety, many gas stoves now come with rubber heels to help it maintain a firm position. It’s a great way to prevent the stove from slipping onto the platform in case of cooking that needs heavy stirring, mixing or smashing. A decent level of elevation of the gas stove is also important to ensure safety. 

Plus, there needs to be a good spacing between the burners for multiple burner gas stoves. Another important aspect to inspect a gas stove’s safety is the ISI certificate mark that ensures high-quality production and rigorous testing.

So, make sure you check all these safety features in your gas stove besides its opulent appearance.

After Sales Services:

Regardless of the brand, all gas stoves require professional maintenance on a regular basis. So, after sales services is an important requisite to ensure the longevity of your gas stove. Thus, make sure that you buy your gas stove from a company that offers after sales services as well as has a strong service network.


Warranty demonstrates the brand’s trust in its products. So, it’s definitely an important factor to consider before purchasing a gas stove. Check if the company is giving you the warranty of at least 2-3 years against all the minor and major damages or defects that may arise. It protects you against manufacturing defects as well as saves the heavy cost of repair in case of damages.


Greater the number of burners or greater the features offered, greater will be your convenience and higher would be the price of the gas stove. So, if you are under tight budget requirements, you would have to do some mix and match with the features of your gas stove to fit your pocket. But if price is not an issue, then look for all the best features in your gas stove and buy the one that suits your needs.

Customer Reviews:

Last but not the least, make sure you read and evaluate the customer reviews on the product you decide to buy. Customer reviews are the best place to find defects with manufacturing as they expose all the flaws in a product. 

So, before you make up your mind to buy a gas stove based on what the company says, have a look at the customer reviews to know the truth from the ones who have already used the product. Be assured only when there are maximum numbers of positive reviews.

How to Maintain a Gas Stove

 After you are done purchasing the perfect gas stove for your kitchen, you would be required to maintain it to ensure high longevity. So, here are a few tips that would come handy in your maintenance journey:

  •   Wipe your gas stove daily, scrub it weekly and have a deep clean once or twice a month with a mild cleaning solution to get rid of any spills or drips from cooking and prevent grease from accumulating.
  •   Use a pipe cleaner or a straw cleaner to clean the burner channels so that they don’t get clogged and stop the uniform distribution of gas, preventing your burners from cooking evenly.
  •   Never pour water directly into the gas stove because if it gets into the burners or gas lines it might have a disastrous effect.
  •   To clean the burner, first remove the grate, flip off the cap and then pull the burner free. Now, clean the three parts—the burner, the grate and the burner cap—separately by soaking and scrubbing. Then, attach the parts back to the gas stove only after they are completely dry.
  •   Always keep a check on the gas lines for any leaks before you turn the knobs to use your stove. You can consider installing some carbon-monoxide detectors in the house to stay alert as the detectors will raise an alarm if they sense the presence of gas.
  •   In case of the flames, never use the highest or lowest setting, but try to keep it somewhere in between. In case you wish to work on a high flame, make sure that the flame doesn’t protrude from under the pan. And in the case of low flame, ensure that you don’t go too low so as to blow off the flame with the gas still open. In both the cases, you run the risk of meeting with a fire hazard.
  •   While turning off the gas stove, ensure that you turn it off completely. Don’t stop turning once the fire blows off but keep pushing past the click until the knob won’t turn anymore. This will ensure that the flow of gas has stopped along with the flame.
  •   Avoid using inflammable products like aerosols or sprays around your gas stove. Also, do not light a cigarette near the gas stove. And avoid covering or lining the burners with foils. All these activities can lead to serious accidents.
  •  If you face any difficulty connecting the gas stove to the gas cylinder, then contact your gas agency instead of forcing it.
  •  Take good care of the burner knobs as they not only switch the burner one and off but they are also the opening to the gas lines. So, never lean on the knobs or turn them around without any reason if you wish to avoid accidents.
  •   Last but not the least, make sure you read as well as follow all the maintenance tips and safety instructions from the manufacturer’s manual which comes along with your gas stove.

Types of Gas Burners

 There are three basic types of gas burners—Standing Pilot, Electric Ignition and Sealed Burners.

 Let us explore them one by one.

 Standing Pilot:

Standing Pilot is the standard ignition device for most gas stoves that has been ruling the household kitchen for a long time. Standing Pilot burners are the ones where the flame continuously burns underneath the cooking top.

It uses a thermocouple or a thermopile to generate the heat and keep the flame burning. The thermopile is active as long as the burner produces the flame and stops immediately as the flame blows off. It is an important safety measure of this type of burners that avoids danger by preventing flooding the room with gas.

Although this simplistically designed gas burner generates more heat and is used worldwide in many households, it’s responsible for consuming more fuel and energy than other burners.

Electric Ignition:

Electric Ignition is the newly arrived technology of ignition which is gaining importance in many modern households nowadays. Electric Ignition burners are the ones where electric sparks work to ignite the burners generating flames that can be controlled by the knobs on the gas stove.

Electric ignition makes the use of electrodes that work on electricity to produce the ignition sparks. The electric sparks then ignites the burner that produces the flames.  Once the flames are produced, they can easily be regulated with the gas knobs.

This type of burner doesn’t need lighters or matchsticks to ignite and hence safeguards against fire burns or accidents. Plus, they can also function as flame sensors regulating the flow of gas into the burners and automatically turning off the gas as soon as the flame blows off. This safety feature enables it to prevent fatal accidents.

The minor setback with this device is that it cannot function without electricity. So, if there is a sudden power cut, you won’t be able to ignite your burners.

Sealed Burners:

Sealed Burners have been around in the market for quite some time and are preferred by small households for their ease of maintenance. Sealed burners are the ones where the burner is sealed to the base to control the direction of the flame and prevent it from getting affected by cooking spills.

Sealed burners are found with a cover between the burner and the flame. It is fused with the cook-top that is surrounded by a bowl to catch the spills and debris from cooking and stop it from affecting the flame.

In this type of burner, the flame is completely protected against the exposure to air and hence there is little chance of any accidental blow offs. However, the sealed cover reduces the power of the heat produced and hence hinders the process of quick and even cooking.

Which Type of Gas Burner is Best

 Let us now weigh the pros and cons of the gas burners and decide which type is the best.

Standing Pilot:


  •   Time-tested burner that has been there for a long time
  •   High longevity if met with proper maintenance
  •   Produces better flame and more heat
  •   Doesn’t need electricity to ignite


  •   Consumes lot of fuel and hence is neither energy-efficient nor cost-effective
  •   Little high maintenance
  •   Flame is prone to blow off being exposed to air current
  •   Thermocouple tends to wear off with time

Electric Ignition:


  •   Energy-efficient and cost-effective
  •   Needs very minimal maintenance
  •   Doesn’t need lighter or matchstick to ignite
  •   Gives protection against fire accidents


  •   Being new in the market, the technology isn’t time-tested
  •   Cannot work without electricity
  •   Frequently requires troubleshooting
  •   Expensive

Sealed Burners:


  •   Controls the direction of the flame
  •   Easy to handle, clean and maintain
  •   Prevents flame from getting affected by cooking spills and debris
  •   Sealed cover helps avoid accidental blow offs of flames


  •   Heat produced is low and concentrated at the centre
  •   Hinders uniform distribution of heat and leads to uneven cooking
  •   Cannot offer effective simmering due to its small frame size
  •   Not suitable for large household or multiple cuisines

From the detailed analysis above, we can see that all the three types of burners have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Hence, choosing the best among them actually depends on your kitchen and cooking requirements.

If you live in an area that has frequent power-cuts, then choosing the electric ignition that works on electricity won’t be the best option. Similarly, if you live with a large family or need to make multiple cuisines regularly where you need fast and even cooking, then sealed burners won’t be the right choice for you. Plus, there is also the price that plays a huge role as the deciding factor.

Thus, it is only you who can weigh the pros and cons against your requirements and make the final decision as to which burner will work the best for you.

Can Gas Stove Burners Go in Dishwasher

Some gas stove burners, especially the modern ones, are dishwasher safe. Burner caps and grates can only be cleaned in the dishwasher if they are enamel coated. However, it is always advisable to check the manual for the word “dishwasher safe” printed on it before throwing the burners and its components into the dishwasher.

 In case your gas stove burners fail to go in the dishwasher, clean them manually. Here’s how you can do that:

  •   Detach the burner cap and the grate from the gas stove and rinse them for 30 minutes in the solution of vinegar and lukewarm water.
  •     Now, make your own homemade cleaner with water and baking soda by mixing them in a way so as to form a paste.
  •     Coat the burner components with the paste and leave them for 15-20 minutes.
  •     Scrub off the residue with a toothbrush or a scrub-brush, rinse with water thoroughly, rub them with sponge or lint-free cloth and leave it to dry.
  •     Reassemble the parts only when they are completely dry.

 This is the easiest method to clean your gas stove burners if they are not fit to go into the dishwasher.


Q. What should you not use on a glass top stove?

A:  Glass stove top looks really stunning on your kitchen platform. But to maintain its beauty and safeguard it against damage, you must take good care. There are a few things that you should not use on a glass top stove. Have a look:

  •       Rough and heavy cast iron cookware
  •       Sliding cookware
  •       Heavy-weight pans and utensils
  •       Cookware with stained bases
  •       Glass cleaner containing ammonia
  •       Rough part of the sponge or scrubber
  •       Extra force while cleaning

Apart from these, you must remember to clean food spills immediately, otherwise it might leave a permanent stain on the glass. Also, never leave a hot substance on the stove top for cooling as it might crack the glass.

Q. Can I use a magic eraser on my glass top stove?

A: Magic Eraser is the best solution to clean glass and make it shine as good as new. Hence, it works perfectly fine with glass top stoves as well. Magic eraser is a specially designed sponge with a micro-porous structure that allows it to easily wipe off even the toughest stain. It’s a very effective cleaner for glass stovetops.  

Q. Why can’t you use cast iron on a glass top stove?

A: Even though your glass stovetop looks elegant and sturdy, it’s too delicate for the rough and heavy cast iron. You would simply run the risk of scratching and even breaking the glass surface. The reason is simply because the glass surface is the place where your cast iron cookware will rest while you are cooking. Although there are ways by which you can use cast iron on glass stovetops, it is still better to be on the safer side by avoiding them altogether.

Here are basically 4 main reasons why you shouldn’t use cast iron on a glass top stove:

  •       Heaviness: Cast iron cookwares are heavy and they get heavier with their contents. So, even if your stovetop can handle the weight, the glass won’t be able to handle the load if you drop it accidentally.
  •        Roughness: Cast iron has a rough finish that has the potential to scratch the surface of the glass stovetop. And with repeated use, it may even crack the glass surface.
  •        Uneven Bottom: You need cookware with flat bottoms for even distribution of heat and fast cooking. However, the cast iron cookware with their uneven bottom can’t sit flat on the glass top stoves and hence takes longer to heat, increasing the cooking time.
  •        Large Size: The recommended pot-size for glass top stoves is not more than an inch larger than the burner. However, the cast iron cookware comes with a size much larger than that. It results in uneven distribution of heat and slow cooking. Plus, the large pot with its heavy weight traps the heat beneath its surface, which when allowed to build-up for a long time might crack or break the cook-top.

Q. What is the best gas stove in India?

A: According to our research and customer reviews, you would find the best gas stove from Prestige. They rule the market in manufacturing innovative, safe and efficient cookware and appliances for the Indian Kitchen. 

However, given their high quality, some of their products are a little expensive. Hence, you might find gas stoves from other brands more cost-effective with their own unique set of features. 

Moreover, your cooking requirements and kitchen size are also crucial in determining which gas stove will work the best for you.

Q. Can you put a hot pan on a glass top stove?

A: You can put a hot pan on a glass top stove but you need to follow some ground rules. You need to ensure that the heat is moderate and definitely not a degree more than what is allowed on a glass top stove. Plus, ensure that the pan doesn’t have a rough bottom or any residue sticking to it as that might cause damage to the glass-top.

While putting the hot pan on the stovetop, make sure that you place it very gently and not bang it hard so as to shatter the glass.  Remember not to leave your hot pan to cool on the glass stovetop after you are done cooking. It’s sure to damage the glass.

Q. How much does it cost to replace a glass stove top?

A: You don’t have to buy a new stove every time your glass stove top suffers any damage; you can simply replace only the glass-top. However, if your glass top doesn’t come with a warranty or you are over the warranty period, then you would have to buy it. Typically, a standard glass stove top would cost you something in between $150 and $400. And if you call someone to get it installed, then that might cost you a little extra.


Just as food is the most important element of survival, so are the gas stoves that work to cook them. 

Thus, possessing the perfect gas stove is the need of every household. And, we believe that every single kitchen deserves to showcase the most wonderful gas stove. Hence we decided to formulate this well-researched article on the best gas stoves in India.

The article encompasses everything that you ever need to know before purchasing the best gas stove in India that would be the perfect fit for your kitchen. 

So, make sure that you read every part of it very carefully before you step out to choose the best gas stove to serve you a lifetime.