Best Faber Gas Stoves in India 2022: Expert Reviews

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Faber is the infamous gas stove manufacturing brand. However, it is headquartered in Italy, operates in India, and has been delivering top-class products for many years. Their products come in with the latest kitchen appliance technology and are more durable than any other products falling in a similar price range. 

This brand holds immense pride in being an Indian brand and has been operating in this field for more than 15 years. Along with the Asia region, the brand distributes its products globally. With the touch of elegance in its kitchen items and safety ensured labels, anyone should quickly get hold of the best Faber gas stoves in India.

Purchasing a gas stove can be tricky, because generally we don’t change gas stoves that often. So going with an established and reputed brand like Faber is always a good thing to do. However, Faber manufactures a range of different gas stoves, so it can become tiresome to pick the best one for your need. 

That’s why we have prepared this list! 

Top 5 Best Faber Gas Stoves in India of 2022

With substantial testing and evidence, we have come up with a few of the best Faber gas stoves in India that will provide ultimate comfort when it comes to cooking. We have sampled over 30 products and have shortlisted the below few. 

Several factors have been considered while making the selection, such as the size of the kitchen, space available for putting in the gas stove, after-sales service, etc. 

1. Faber Gas Stove 2 burner Cooktop

Faber Gas Stove 2 burner Cooktop

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Key features:

  • Two burners, 1 medium, and 1 jumbo. 
  • 6mm thick, tough glass and metal base.
  • Spill-proof stainless steel body.
  • Powder coating pan. 

This gas stove burner comes in with a lightweight and sleek body. It will be suitable for preparing all kinds of meals as there is a medium burner and a jumbo burner. One will fit multiple sizes of pans, as the base is powder-coated for stabilizing large pans. 

The drip tray of this stove comes with no holes, so there is no chance of leakage. Hence, the stove has been certified as spill-proof.  With an overall dimension of 29 x 60 x 5 centimeters, it can be easily placed anywhere without eating up much in the kitchen. 

The total weight of the stove is just 7 kilograms, and that’s why it can be comfortably moved from one place to another without too much trouble. This range of gas comes in a guarantee of zero leakages. 

This was the first gas made by Faber that ensured no leakage technology, and from there on, the company is manufacturing leakage-proof gas stoves only. 

The gas inlet is on the oven only, so there is no clutter involving the gas tube. When it comes to customer service, the stove has a 2-year warranty for the product. Users will be provided a manual educating them about the specifications of using the product. 


  • The gas stove is not too large and can be placed almost anywhere in the kitchen.
  • It is a lightweight product, and while shifting, it won’t be a problem to carry. 
  • The body is spill-proof and is safety check stamped. 


  • The gas inlet is on the right side, whereas many modern gas stoves come in a backside inlet. 


This gas stove will be ideal for you if you’re looking for something that will last for a long period with the same level of performance. Without any maintenance, this gas stove will be ideal for all those who love cooking. 

2. Faber 4 Burner Cooktop Gas Stove

Faber 4 Burner Cooktop Gas Stove

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Key features:

  • Glass-built gas top with 4 burners, 2 medium, 1 large, and 1 small. 
  • The product has a 2 years warranty for the outer body
  • Stainless finish around the exteriors
  • Comfortable gas knobs 
  • Anti-leak technology and anti-rust body. 

Here we have yet another beautiful-looking gas stove that comes in all black. The gas stove can be used for multiple cooking processes simultaneously since there are 4 gas tops. Among the 4 gas burners, there are two medium burners and one large and small each. 

The body is stainless steel built, and the gas pipes have been designed to stay long without the fear of rusting. Faber prides on trademarking it as one of the most long-lasting stoves with a 2-year warranty for the exterior with best-in-class ignition quality. The heating elements do not take up much of the outer body, and all 4 of them look well together. 

The gas stove has an overall dimension of 70.87 x 60.45 x 13.72 cm, and the product’s total weight is 230 grams. Since its launch in 2018, the gas stove has brought massive attention from potential buyers. Because of the light body, it can be moved anywhere quite easily. 

With the product, buyers will get a well-defined user manual. The jumbo burner is around 92mm and is ideal for cooking fried dishes. Within no time, this burner will cook meals, and it is easy to use and clean. The stove is simply designed, and it does not need much effort in terms of maintenance. 

The HOB Cooktop comes with 4BB BK AI, which is much safer than other gas stoves at this price. The glass is tougher than other stoves, and because of the auto-ignition technology, one can get the cooking started quite quickly. The burners are made of brass, long-lasting, and knobs are ergonomically designed for comfortable handling. The drip tray of the stove is designed like a double drip tray.


  • The gas has brass burners, so they will run for longer without taking in much damage. 
  • The body looks pure black made of glass, so it will make the kitchen look premium. 
  • The gas knobs are ergonomically designed, so any newbie will also use them to their maximum potential. 
  • The pan support fits perfectly with the body, so any heavy pan can be placed on the stove. 


  • The gas stove does not come with multiple cooking modes. 
  • The asking price is a bit too high compared to the features the product is providing. 


This gas stove will be perfect for a small kitchen that performs well. Because of the high-end features, one can purchase this gas with their eyes closed. 

3. Faber Onyx 4 Burner Manual Ignition Gas Stove

Faber Onyx 4 Burner Manual Ignition Gas Stove

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Key features:

  • This gas stove is equipped with multiple burners.
  • It is a lightweight product and can be move from one place to another easily. 
  • The dimension of the product is ideal for fitting in a small kitchen as well. 
  • The gas inlet is at the back, so the product looks ergonomically attractive.

The Fabre Onyx 4BB gas burner is a multiple burner stove that is ideal for large and small kitchens. First off, the product sports a dazzling black exterior that will steal the looks. The product is so well designed in the edger that the bases are not visible, and it will look like the product is floating. 

The 4 gas burners include 1 large, 2 medium, and 1 small burner for small meals that will not require a large flame to cook. The product comes with a warranty of 1 year for the body. The gas inlet is at the back of the product, so moving it won’t be a hassle. 

The product sports a dimension of 63.5 x 50 x 5cm and weighs even less than 14 kilograms. Since 2018, this product has been ruling numerous kitchens in Indian households and is still believed to be one of the finest products ever designed and manufactured by the brand. 

Having just one glance at the product will make it evident that it is a classy product, where the pan supports look stiff and able to take on a lot of weight. The gas stoves are made of brass to withstand large amounts of flame for a longer period. The pan’s coating is a diamond-designed coating, and the artistic black look makes it look like a millennial gem. The product packaging includes the product itself, the user manual, and the warranty card. Instead of that many burners, the gas stove can cook up to 3 different meals on 3 burners at the same time. 


  • Multiple burners with diamond coating
  • Drip tray to keep the exterior of the product clean and tidy
  • Brass burners for long-lasting usage
  • High flaming taking capacity 
  • Pan support for withstanding meals with a lot of weight
  • The product is easy to clean


  • The price of the product is too high for the features it is offering
  • There is only one jumbo burner, whereas there could have been two
  • There is just a 1-year warranty with the product


Within a small budget, this is one of the best gas stoves one can ask for. It is durable and lasts longer than any other gas stove under this budget. 

4. Faber 3 Burner Gas Stove (Glass Cooktop)

Faber 3 Burner Gas Stove (Glass Cooktop)

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Key features:

  • The gas is a manual ignition gas, so this is safe to use. 
  • The burners are made of brass with support for holding pans. 
  • There is mild steel in the glass body, so it is not too heavy and can be shifted from one platform to another without much effort. 

Here we have one of the finest ignition technology burners introduced by Fabre. The glass body cooktop has been designed to serve Indian households for all sorts of heavy load cooking purposes. The glass-made body stove comes with heavy-duty knobs for long-lasting usage. 

Furthermore, there are brass burners for withstanding severe flame amounts for a substantial period. The inlet is in the back, and this restricts cluttering due to the placing of gas pipes. The glass and steel combined body sports an overall weight of 10 kilograms. 

So, it can be considered to be a lightweight product that wears manual ignition. Fabre considered it to be a decision towards safety for promoting a manual ignition lock on the stove. The body comes in all black other than the brass burners and can make anyone’s kitchen look very attractive. 

The gas has a powder coating pan with support, taking up to more than half of its body weight on the burners. It is ideal for a household where individuals have different meal requirements. 

The gas stove promises optimum safety, and with a good amount of testing, the product has been marked safe for usage. The jumbo burner also sports a diamond-shaped coating with a brass body. 

One can easily cook fried foods on the jumbo burner within a brief period. Because of the smooth glass body, the gas can be cooked very easily with a standard cleaning agent and cloth. The cooktop can endure different meals, including curries, standard Indian dishes, oily cuisines, etc. 

All of the wastes of these dishes on the stove can be cleaned easily, specifically because of the smooth body of the gas. 


  • The gas inlet is at the back, so there is less hassle in keeping the surroundings clean. 
  • The pan has a brilliant support mechanism for cooking heavy meals. 
  • The burners are made of brass, so they can withstand a good amount of heat. 
  • The knobs are ergonomically designed, so they can be used very quickly. 
  • The exterior frame of the gas is a black-coated one that promotes durability and resistance. 
  • The body is made with eco-friendly material, so there is less wastage to the environment when the gas is disposed of. 


  • The pan support is not large enough to hold massive containers. 
  • The body is just 10 kilograms, and there might be meals taking up most of that weight, so there is a question of withstanding that amount of weight by the gas. 


This hassle-free gas stove will be suitable for those who live alone as it is light in weight, easy to clean, and does not need much maintenance. Because of the low price, one can buy it quite easily.

5. Faber Stainless Steel Manual Ignition Gas Stove

Faber Stainless Steel Manual Ignition Gas Stove

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Key features:

  • The product provides two medium burners, which is uncommon for a three-burner gas stove. 
  • The rust-proof pipes make the product last longer than many other gas stoves. 
  • The lightweight of the product makes it easy to use. 
  • Burner supports allow users to cook in big pans as well. 

Fabre makes affordable products as well in the range of gas stoves. The stainless steel 3 burners gas stove is quite an affordable one that has been manufactured keeping in mind the three most essential elements, safety, durability, and price. 

Among the three gas burners, there is one large and two medium burners. The glass is 6mm thick, so this is quite durable for withstanding a good amount of weight. The body is stainless steel, so it is very light as well. The knobs that the gas sports are feather-touch technology ones and are very comfortable for usage. 

The heat distribution on the gas is uniform, and a concentric array of flame passes through all the burners. The gas burners have been designed for efficient and long-lasting usage, and it is evident from the very looks of the gas. The spill-proof tray of the gas is one of the best things about the product. 

Furthermore, the round drip tray holds in all the waste of the cooking process and keeps the platform hygienic. Because of such a design, there is no overflowing below the gas stove. 

The gas stove promotes a dimension of 36 x 70 x 5 cm and weighs around 7 kilograms. Because of the lightweight nature of the gas, it can be moved from one place to another by one individual only. The state-of-the-art technology keeps the kitchen safe and avoids leakage. The brass burners allow comfortable and hassle-free cooking. 


  • This is a lightweight product that comes with inbuilt safety checks and zero gas leakage technology. 
  • The dimension of the product makes it suitable to be placed almost anywhere in the kitchen.
  • The spill-proof tray keeps the cooking platform clean and makes the gas easy to use for almost anyone. 
  • The blacktop color goes very well in a kitchen environment and makes the stove look attractive. 
  • The asking price of the product makes it one of the most affordable gas stoves out there. 


  • The product is made of stainless steel, so there is a question about how long the effect lasts. 
  • There is no jumbo burner in the gas stove. 


With a low budget and multiple requirements, one will find this product ideal. For multiple meal cooking facilities, one can place this gas stove almost anywhere in the kitchen. 


Is Faber a good brand for gas stoves?

Faber has been operational in India for more than 15 years and has been providing top range products that are both durable in nature and easy to use. The brand understands the needs of Indian kitchen and designs the product as per the different kitchen sizes. With the latest technology, the brand is often preferred by professional cooks and chefs. 

Are there better brands than Faber for gas stoves?

There are many gas stoves and kitchen equipment manufacturing brands out there. However, the range of facilities that Faber offers at a suitable price range is something that is tough to beat. Yes, other gas stoves might have equally advanced cooking technology fitted inside the products but their asking price will also be much higher. 


On our concluding note, we would like to inform you that a tip is always overlooked, which is the flame amount a stove can withstand. One should be very specific while they are searching for a product. 

By now, you will decide which product among the above discussed will be right for you. We hope that you’re satisfied with the one you choose for purchasing. Our list of best Faber gas stoves in India is unbiased, and you can surely recommend it your friends and families if they are looking for a gas stove.