7 Best Elica Gas Stoves In India: Expert Reviews

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Elica is one of the best brands in India. There are no doubts about this statement. It is an Italian company but has won the hearts of millions of Indians with its outstanding products. They provide the best that an Indian needs in the home or kitchen.

This company gives attention to modern technology and features that enhance the convenience of their products to a vast extent. The same goes for gas stoves

Some of the features, such as double stainless steel tray, full toughened glass-coated body, forged brass burners, make them better than others. We can choose from the wide range of their products as per your particular specifications.

Almost all the best elica gas stoves in India are marked by the Indian Standard Institute (ISI), making them even more trustworthy.

Top 7 Elica Gas Stoves in India of 2021

It is very easy to find yourself an Elica gas stove. It is available on all online platforms and also on offline stores.

Here, we will provide you the list of ‘top 7 best Elica Gas Stoves available in India’. We were able to prepare this list after trying at least 25-30 Elica gas stoves. With our prior experience, after trying and testing these 30 gas stoves, we could formulate the 7 best out of them. The list is based on our personal experience. So, let us start the list without further ado.

1. Elica Open Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove 

Elica Open Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove 

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Key Features:

  • 3 burners in total made of high-quality brass. (1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small).
  • Ignition type: Fully manual.
  • Ergonomic Indian-style burner operating knobs.
  • 6mm thick, toughened glass used for making the cooktop of this gas stove. 
  • Stylish, sleek design with attractive and smooth orange-colored body.
  • Tough stainless steel used for making the long-lasting support plates and drip trays. 

The Elica Patio ICT 773 ORG is the best option you will get in the market for unique looks and design. However, it is not that this gas stove is only stuck with great looks. It also delivers an excellent performance.

The burners are truly fantastic. They are made up of top-notch brass. We felt that the sizes of the burners are also very appropriate (1 large, 1 small, and 1 medium). So, you have an option of a burner for any type of cooking you want to do. This is also a fuel-saving idea.

The premium, ergonomic knobs deserve a special shout-out. They were as smooth as butter and offered no resistance while operating. It provides zero friction for adjusting the flames, which makes them so easy and satisfying to use.

The dimensions of this product are 77 × 38 × 70 centimeters, and it weighs 12 kilograms. It is a bit too much. Heavier the gas stove, the tougher it becomes cleaning it.

The product is a bit too heavy for sure. Picking up 12 kilograms for a thorough cleaning can be a tough job, but this will not be an issue if you wipe it clean. 

We found the legs to be a bit bit shaky. This can create a few steadiness issues while cooking with three large-sized and heavy utensils all at once but it is negligible. 

For providing ample space between the burners, you can easily use three big-sized utensils of your kitchen for cooking all at once.

The warranty of this product is 2 years on the burner and 7 years on several other parts.


  1. The sleek design of this product makes it easier to fit in your kitchen.
  2. The superb quality brass burners have three pins which are essential for Indian-style cooking.
  3. Enough space is available there between all three burners. 


  1. The weight of the product is a bit too much (exactly 12 kilograms). 
  2. The legs are a bit wobbly and shaky. 

Editor’s Pick:

Its users love this Elica gas stove for its very lucrative design and the performance it provides. It can certainly be the champion of your kitchen.

2. Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Open Burner Gas Stove

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Open Burner Gas Stove

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Key Features:

  • The gas stove has an outline of a powder-coated frame for an aesthetic look.
  • Toughened 6mm glass is used to make the cooktop.
  • Comes with three burners in total. (1 small and 2 mediums). The 4 burner variant of this particular model is also made but is often unavailable.
  • Durable stainless steel used for making the tough support plates and drip trays
  • Very smooth and frictionless ergonomic knobs are available to operate the gas stove.

This product makes you believe that it is possible to find a great quality product at low prices. All the materials used in this product are of outstanding and satisfactory quality. It costs just 3k INR, and it is tough to find a better deal than this.  

The most important feature of this gas stove is the full-body glass coating. This increases the durability and the long-lasting criteria to a considerable extent.

We felt that among the three burners, one of them should have been a large one, which would have maintained the balance of the size of the burners pretty well. However, you might not require a large burner for your cooking if you have a comparatively less cooking load.

Let me tell you that the two medium ones are enough for any utensils and for preparing any dish. The euro-coated grid supports are a great addition to this product. It naturally enhances the longevity of the brass burners to a great extent. The hissing sound of the new burners is not a huge issue as it goes away easily after a couple of months of use.  

The dimensions of this product are 73 × 48 × 15 centimeters and weigh 9 kilograms. The weight is moderate, neither too heavy nor too light.

The warranty of this product is 2 years which includes the toughened glass too.


  1. The outline coating of glass provides extra toughness and durability to the whole product.
  2. The price of this gas stove is surprisingly low. It costs less than 3k INR.
  3. Comes with euro-coated grid supports. 


  1. The burners create a hissing sound when they are completely new.
  2. Should have provided a large burner. 

Editor’s Pick: 

This product is an absolute value for money. It is almost impossible to find a gas stove of this quality at a price of less than 3k INR. So, this product can be your ultimate choice if you are looking for a good gas stove at a pocket-friendly price.

3. Elica Slimmest 4 burner Gas Stove 

Elica Slimmest 4 burner Gas Stove 

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Key features:

  • All of the four burners are made of forged brass for ensuring double toughness.
  • The 6mm thickened glass top is dual-toned for extra added safety.
  • Comes with double drip trays under all four burners to ensure zero spillage or leakage.
  • Crown-shaped pan supports that come with this product are especially euro-coated. This is very important for wobble-free cooking.
  • The super-slim body makes the appliance look stunning. It enriches the looks of your kitchen for sure.

This Elica model is known for its all-in-one qualities. The product is full of all the modern technologies (except automatic ignition) available. This makes the appliance great in looks, design, as well as performance.

The burners of this model are of a different level altogether. They are made of forged brass. Forging is a modern and effective technique with which the brass is put under tremendous pressure after heating it for a long time, making the brass even stronger and resistant to corrosion than ever before. Applying forging makes the brass burners ready for heavy uses and lifetime solidity. 

We have talked about toughened glass quite a few times. But this product comes with a mind-blowing dual-toned glass. It is comparatively way more robust than a regular 6mm thick glass.

Besides, double safety of two stainless steel drip trays for each burner is provided. This guarantees extra safety and a mess free kitchen. It ensures any kind of spillage becomes impossible.  The European gas valves are very important for your safety.

The dimensions of this product are 70 × 56 × 11 centimeters and weigh 11.04 kilograms. The weight is appropriate according to a 4 burner gas stove. This product lacks the technology of auto-ignition which is expectable according to the price.   

The warranty of this product is 5 years which includes all the parts. The after-sales services satisfied us. They take really good care and answer all the customer complaints and queries without much ado.   


  1. European gas valves are provided. 
  2. The forged brass burners will last for a lifetime. 
  3. Any after-sales services are absolutely great.   


  1. No auto-ignition technique. The gas stove offers fully manual control.
  2. The spare parts are quite costly as they are not always available and are of the newest technologies.

Editor’s Pick:

The features of this gas stove are undoubtedly very tempting. It has 4 great 4 forged brass burners, double drip trays, dual-toned glass, euro-coated panels, and whatnot. This product is going to be the champion of your kitchen if you go for it.

4. Elica Vetro 730 Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Elica Vetro 730 Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

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Key Features:

  • The product has an outline of a premium finish glass top.
  • A 6mm thick toughened glass top used for making the cooktop.
  • High-quality stainless steel used for the strong plates under the burners. 
  • Equipped with 3 burners in total. (1 small, and 2 medium).
  • Smooth and very easy- to- use ergonomic knobs to operate the gas stove.

This is Elica’s most well-known 3-burner variant that has a stove. The looks and the design is the first plus point of this model. But, we will discuss its incredible performance too. The price at which they are providing this gas stove is also very praiseworthy. It costs just over 3k INR.

Two other variants of this model are also available, the 2-burner and the 4-burner. (We are discussing the 3-burner variant here). According to our views, we think that the gas stove lacks a large burner, which we really expected to have. One medium, one large, and one small are what we opt for. You can feel the absence of a large burner for heavy cooking loads.

However, the action of the burners has made us extremely pleased. They work fine without making any disturbing noise. The plates fixed over the burners are powder-coated. They are appropriate to make the utensils stand on them for cooking without any wobbly effect.

The whole body of the gas stove is coated with thickened glass. This is an outstanding thing to have in this price range.

The dimensions of this product are 70 × 41 × 13 centimeters and weigh 8.1 kilograms. The warranty period of this product is 2 years, which includes all the spare parts.


  1. Best quality brass used for making all the three burners. 
  2. The performance of the burners is extremely satisfactory.
  3. The space between all the three burners is sufficient to accommodate three large-sized utensils at a single time.
  4. The extra protection from the glass coating makes the product even more durable and strong.


  1. There is no large burner with this gas stove. 
  2. The after-sales services for this particular protection are not very quick.

Editor’s Pick:

This 3-burner model by Elica is a thing to watch out for. It has almost every kind of goodness that is needed for a gas stove to become impeccable. Do not think much and go for it if you need a great 3-burner gas stove.

5. Elica Slimmest 3 Burner Gas Stove

Elica Slimmest 3 Burner Gas Stove

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Key Features:

  • Very slim and impeccable in looks and design.
  • Sabaf valves for uniform cooking and uniform heat distribution all around the cooking utensil.
  • Modern technology square grids for keeping your cooking utensils wobble-free.
  • High-quality, thick brass burners.
  • 3 burners in total. (1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small).
  • Steady legs for proper stability while cooking.

This modern and technologically advanced Elica 3-burner gas stove is an example of fine craftsmanship. It has a glass top of a beautiful premium finish. This is the slimmest gas stove available all over India. The attractive design makes your kitchen look pretty wonderful.

The frame is very thick and hence covers a lot of area on your kitchen platform. The materials used for the manufacture of this product are very decent. The glass covering all over the body gives an extra addition of safety and durability for sure. The glass coating is a very important feature for modern gas stoves. 

The grids of the plates are euro-coated. The coating ensures the longevity of these types of parts.

We have liked the performance of all the burners. They are almost noiseless. Everything is fine and perfect if we talk about the sizes of the brass burners. We will get a large burner, a small, and a medium one. Choose any one of the three sizes according to your requirement.  You have got all three options to choose from, large, medium, and small.

The ergonomic knobs for operating the gas stove are very smooth and frictionless. The weight of this product is 11 kgs and 800 grams. This is comparatively on the heavier side. Cleaning can be an issue for this. 


  1. It easily fits anywhere in your kitchen for its ultra-slim body. 
  2. The balance of the size of the burners is perfect. 
  3. The body is coated fully with thickened glass for added safety. 


  1. The weight is a little heavy (just under 12 kgs), which makes cleaning a slightly tough job.
  2. The after-sales services for this particular protection are not very quick.

Editor’s Pick:

The design and the looks can alone be worthy of the reason to buy this product. Besides, it also provides exquisite performance, which is even more important for a great gas stove. If we opt for this gas stove, you are going to get this all-in-one package.

6. Elica Vetro 773 Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Elica Vetro 773 Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

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Key Features:

  • Premium finish 6 mm thickened glass top for extra safety and good looks.
  • Comes with 3 burners of distinct sizes. (1 jumbo large, 1 medium, and 1 small).
  • Smoothly operated and ergonomic knobs.
  • Protection of double drip trays under all the 3 burners.
  • Extremely long-lasting and best-quality brass burners for sharp flames for smooth cooking.

This product is a reason why Elica gas stoves are the best in India. With a price of just over 4k, this gas stove is full of some attractive modern technology. It is sure to give you full after-use satisfaction.

The cooktop has premium quality glass which looks simply amazing. Other than that, it adds extra durability to your product. The glass top is fully resistant to corrosion, very high-temperature expansions, and scratches.

The burners are also terrific. It is equipped with three burners in total, all of different sizes and shapes.The large jumbo burner is perfect and produces a sharp and smooth flame. It is a great advantage to cook food items that take a very long time. 

The pan supports are appropriate for keeping the cooking utensils stable while cooking.

The dimensions of this product are 77 cm × 38 cm × 13 cm and weigh 10 kilograms. The warranty period is 2 years on the brass burners and 7 years on the glass


  1. The glass used for the cooktop is of the best quality available for extra safety 
  2. The size of the burners is fit for all types of cooking. 
  3. The pan supports are euro-coated for maximum durability. 


  1. The burner nozzles come with a seal by an anti-corrosive wax before shipment and this is why a technician is a must for installing this gas stove in your kitchen. It can cost you a few hundred bucks.

Editor’s Pick:

This product is mainly praiseworthy for its value for money standards. At a price just above 4k, this model comes with some excellent and modern features for its customers. It surely can top your most liked list of gas stoves.

7. Elica Vetro 662 2 Burner Gas Stove

Elica Vetro 662 2 Burner Gas Stove

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Key Features:

  • Premium finish 6 mm thickened glass top for a rust-resistant body and long-lasting performance.
  • ultra-tough glass, which lasts a lifetime, used for making the cooktop.
  • Supports plates made of stainless steel below the glass covering to enhance durability and sturdiness.
  • Comes with two burners of distinct sizes, one large and one small.

This Elica stove is certainly very promising. It is fuel-efficient, decent in performance, and provides you with a convenient cooking experience. 

The glass top is outstanding. This toughened glass coating makes your product last for a very long time. Elica added this premium glass-top finish to their new gas stoves. This is an elegant addition to their product. The worries regarding safety is no more with these glass coating.  

The knobs are smooth, and the flames are adjustable very smoothly. We can use the same adjective for the burners also, pretty smooth. The large and the small burner both work as they should.  It gives you a fantastic cooking experience.

They produce no noise, and both perform as they should in a beautiful gas stove.

The weight of this gas stove is 8 kgs. This is slightly on the too-much side if we consider a 2-burner gas stove. If Elica decides to lower the weight of this product by just two more kilograms, this will be a flawless gas stove.

The warranty of the product is 2 years which covers all the parts, including glass and burners. The technician can charge you 300-400 INR even if the product is under warranty.


  1. The glass used for the covering of the entire body and the cooktop is of extremely premium quality. 
  2. The performance of the burners is exceptionally good.  
  3. The space between the two burners is sufficient to accommodate three large-sized utensils at a single time.


  1. The product’s weight is slightly on the heavier side (8kgs).
  2. The technician can cost you extra even if the product is under warranty period.  

Editor’s Pick:

It is tough to find great design and modern technologies in the 2-burner variants of gas stoves. But, this is not true with this product. You can buy this Elica gas stove without any doubt, if you want a good 2-burner gas stove.


Which is the best gas stove by Elica? 

The list above only deals with the best Elica has stoves in the market. We have created that list after trying almost all of the Elica stoves available in the market. Out of those, we picked up only those gas stoves which gave us ultimate customer satisfaction.  We listed only the most promising ones .

Anyway, we will tell the one who made us the happiest out of the seven on the list. It is the ‘Elica Vetro Glass Top 3-burner (773 CT DT VETRO).

This gas stove is full of outstanding features and modern technologies that can make any user extremely happy. With a price just above 4k INR, it is tough to find another gas stove of this great quality. 

Do all the Elica gas stoves come with a warranty? 

The shortest answer to this question is yes. All the Elica has stoves that come with a certain period of warranty.

But it varies with different products. Some provide two years of warranty, while some provide five years of warranty. Sometimes, the warranty of a gas stove can be different for different parts.

It is advised to every customer to read the warranty policy with utmost care before placing an order.


Elica is a brand you can trust with all your heart when it comes to gas stoves. Elica provides the best and modern technologies to their product. The spare parts are of outstanding quality and are readily available in the market. Besides, the customer service they provide is also very satisfactory. All your concerns will be taken care of within 48 hours of complaints.

We hope you will find your most desired Elica gas stove if you go through the list we made. We have specifically mentioned all the features, specifications, pros, cons, and experiences with these products minutely.

It is essential to judge the cooking load of your kitchen correctly. This will help you know the exact number of burners and the size of the burners you require.

We wish you a delightful shopping experience!