6 Best Butterfly Gas Stoves In India: Expert Reviews

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Butterfly is comparatively a new brand than other renowned brands like Prestige, Elica, Sunflame, Bajaj, etc. But the quality of gas stoves that they are making and their exquisite design and looks bring them to the mainstream competition along with these famous brands for the last few years.

They are constantly gaining the trust and reputation of many happy customers across India for their praiseworthy gas stoves. We will guide you to find the best Butterfly gas stoves in India of 2021. 

This brand offers you a wide array of options to choose from. They started their journey with the classic stainless steel 2 burners as most of the brands did before. 

However, now Butterfly is making some outstanding modern gas stoves that will make you choose them even more. The pocket-friendly budget for their products sets them apart from others. 

Top 6 Best Butterfly Gas Stoves In India 

Butterfly already has many gas stoves of different features and different price ranges available in the market. It was hence a very tough job for us to pick the six best butterfly gas stove sin India out of them. It took us time, but finally, we could do it for you. 

After personally trying and testing almost 30 Butterfly gas stoves, we could finally prepare this list. We have kept in mind the main metrics required to call a gas stove as best. 

It includes performance and number of burners, space available between burners, ignition type, size, looks/design, materials used, and budget. This list is completely based on our experience. 

1. Butterfly Smart Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove 

Butterfly Smart Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove 

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Key Features: 

  • Premium quality brass is used for making both the burners. 
  • The design offers a spill-proof structure. 
  • It has ABS knobs for long life and better durability. 
  • Distinctive pan supports a wobble-free and smooth cooking experience. 
  • Comes with a 360 degrees revolving nozzle. 

This Butterfly gas stove is one of the most well-known products in their 2-burner gas stove variety. 

This product is very reasonable in price. In online markets in India, it costs just over 2k INR. Getting a product of such high quality at this low price range is extraordinary.  

High-quality stainless steel is used for making the body of this gas stove. It provides long-lasting criteria to this product for sure and also makes it durable to a great extent. 

For thermal efficiency, the body or the burners do not get damaged due to high-temperature fluctuations, which are very common for most gas stoves. But the space between two burners is not very appropriate.  Using two big utensils at a time can be a concern using this product.

They decided to increase the size of the pan supports. It is increased by 4 mm, and this helps to accommodate heavy and large-sized vessels easily. 

The dimensions of this product are 57 × 30.8 × 8.5 cm, and it weighs just around 2.7 kgs only. The weight is very low, and this makes it so easy to clean.

This is a brilliant thing to have as it makes cleaning an effortless job. The warranty period is 1 year which covers all the parts and their manufacturing defects. We felt that the warranty period should be prolonged for at least another year. 


  • The cost of this product is very reasonable. 
  • This product has high thermal efficiency. 
  • The weight of this gas stove is considerably low. 


  • The warranty period is short. (1 year).
  • The space between the burners is not too much due to the small size of the product. 

Editor’s Pick:

This product seems to be a great deal considering the price range and the quality you are getting at that price. Besides, the lightweight factor can also be essential for buying this Butterfly has a stove. 

2. Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

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Key Features:

  • Remarkable toughened glass is used for making the cooktop. 
  • Completely spill-proof and wear-resistant design. 
  • High-quality brass burners. (3 brass burners in total: large, medium, and small).
  • Comes with a 360 degrees revolving nozzle. 
  • Distinctive pan supports a wobble-free and smooth cooking experience. 

This product is Butterfly’s most loved 3-burner gas stove without any doubts. The price is so low even when this gas stove has so many features to offer. Across all online shopping platforms, this product’s cost ranges from 2.5k to 3k INR only. 

This model also comes with two other variants that are the 2-burner and the 4-burner. But we are discussing only the 3-variant here, which we tried. 

The first thing which is extremely good regarding this product is the size of the burners they provide. It comes with one large, one small, and a medium burner. They are made up of high-quality corrosion-resistant brass. You can switch on any particular size you want, considering the dish you are preparing. 

The smart lock pan technology ensures increased stability while cooking. This is a great advantage to have as it makes spillage an impossible thing to happen. But anyhow, if any spillages happen, the stainless steel spill trays are there under the burners which guarantees a completely mess-free kitchen after cooking. It will provide you extra stability for your utensils while cooking. 

We hope that the 4-burner and the 2-burner variant of this exact model are also going to be satisfied, just like the 3-burner variant we tried. So, if your choice of burners is 2 or 4, you can opt for those also. 

The supporting legs are also very premium. They do not slip and give the gas stove a firm grip with the bass. Tough polymer is used for making the support legs which make them resistant to extra heat. 

A drawback to mention is that, the designing of the knobs are such that it may get a bit loose after a couple of months of use. 

The dimensions of this product are 67 × 34 × 11cm and weigh 5.1 kilograms. It is light in weight which ensures easy cleaning.  


  • This Butterfly gas stove comes at an unbelievable price. (2.5k to 3k INR).
  • The weight of this product is very low if you consider a 3-burner gas stove. 
  • Comes with a new feature of a ‘smart lock pan.’ 


  • The after-sales services are not quick. 
  • Issues with the knobs can be common for this product. 

Editor’s Pick: 

It is almost impossible to find a better 3-burner gas stove than this at a price of just over 2.5k INR. The quality that Butterfly is providing is worth buying without a second thought. 

3. Butterfly Signature Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove 

Butterfly Signature Glass Top 2-burner Gas Stove 

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Key Features: 

  • Shape: Rectangular, Color: Black and Red
  • The material used for making: Thickened 6mm super-tough glass
  • Modern technology aluminum mixing tubes with brass have cock and brass jet. 
  • Extremely tough, Ergonomically designed operating ABS knobs. 
  • Thickened gas pipe with proper outer and inner coating for smooth gas flow and rust resistance. 
  • The product comes with stainless steel pan supports and spill trays. 

The Butterfly’ Signature’ model is their signature item for sure. It comes with all three variants of burners— 2, 3, and 4. Here, we are solely discussing the 2-burner variant only. 

This product has many reasons to be your ideal buy, and it starts with the sleek design and dashing black and red looks. This will add a great dimension to your cooking experience. The design and looks enhance the look of your kitchen for sure. 

However, the price compared to other 2-burner gas stoves is a bit high. It ranges from around 4.6k to 5k INR approximately in online shopping platforms. 

The added thickness of the gas pipe will solve the most common issue for gas stoves after a year or two of use. This inner and outer coated top will facilitate clear gas flow for a lifetime. 

This gas stove comes with one large and one small burner. The brass used for the making of these burners is of superb quality. It is resistant to corrosion and huge temperature fluctuations. Besides, they assure optimum heat and great heat distribution of heat in the cooking utensil. This will save a lot of time too. 

 This also has the definitive ‘Smart Lock Pan,’ a mark of great quality and an added security in your kitchen. The spill trays are locked with this technology under the burners, ensuring no spillage at all while cooking. The stainless steel spill trays are easily removable and cleaned with water. It is fully resistant to any kind of rusting. 

One more outstanding thing enabled in this gas stove is the flame-retardant feature of the panels. Now, you won’t sweat from the extra heat coming out of the body of your gas stove while making your food. Isn’t this feature simply amazing? 

The dimensions of the product are 82 × 49 × 16cm and weigh exactly 6.4kgs. The weight is undoubtedly a con. Anything over 5kgs for a 2-burner gas stove is a bit too much. More weight lowers the easiness of cleaning your gas stove. 

The warranty period of this gas stove is 2 years which covers all the parts. 


  • The extra thickness provided to the gas pipe is wondrous as it facilitates smooth gas flow. 
  • The knobs are tough and almost unbreakable.  
  • Very sleek and attractive in design. 


  • The weight of this product is quite heavy. 
  • The price of the product (for the 2-burner variant) is a bit on the higher side. 

Editor’s Pick: 

We can say that the price of this product is a bit on the higher side, but the quality Butterfly is providing is a class apart. Every single part of this gas stove is of top-notch quality. So, if you are into buying some good quality products, you should go for this for sure. 

4. Butterfly Stainless Steel Ace 2 Burner Gas Stove 

Butterfly Stainless Steel Ace 2 Burner Gas Stove 

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Key Features: 

  • Rectangular in shape and silver in color. 
  • Durable and long-lasting stainless steel was used to make the whole body of this gas stove. 
  • Comes with a couple of burners made of solid brass. (1 big and 1 small). 
  • The drip tray is designed to ensure zero leakage and is made with stainless steel. 
  • Pan supports are fit and designed especially for heavy-duty purposes and easily accommodate pans of any size.
  • Ergonomic and safe knobs for regulating the gas stove. 

Butterfly’s traditional ‘ACE 2-burner’ is one of the oldest and most trusted gas stoves in the 2-burner variant. 

Many people still prefer a full stainless steel body over the glass top. 

The full body is made with rust-free, stainless steel. It looks a bit out of fashion, to be honest, but it has its pros. 

Gas stoves made with stainless steel are far more durable and long-lasting than glass top ones. The strong stainless steel keeps the gas stove ready for heavy-duty uses. However,  there  is one significant con of a fully stainless steel body. It soaks in heat and becomes heated quite easily.  

The dimensions of this product are 12 × 12 × 12cms and weigh around 4.0 kgs. 

The weight of this gas stove is very light, and it is a prior advantage to have for proper cleaning. Also, for being compact in design, it can be fit anywhere in your kitchen. It will not occupy much space. 

The warranty period is five years for manufacturing defects and covers all the parts. The elongated warranty period is definitely an advantage. 

The package includes one 2-burner gas stove, the user’s manual, and the warranty card. 


  • Very easy to operate as it is Butterfly’s one of the most classic gas stoves. 
  • The low weight makes it very easy to clean. It weighs just around 4kgs. 
  • The high-quality stainless steel drip trays are not screwed and can be removed anytime for washing. 
  • The warranty period is significantly longer for this product. 


  • The body gets extremely heated up while cooking as it is made of stainless steel. 
  • The customer services are a bit slow, especially for this product.  

Editor’s Pick: 

This is Butterfly’s one of the most basic model gas stoves. It is easy to use, reliable, and easy to clean. The ‘ACE’ is also very cheap in price as it costs just over 2.5k INR. This is certainly a product to opt for, for its durable build and excellent performance. 

5. Butterfly Matchless 2 Burner LPG Gas Stove 

Butterfly Matchless 2 Burner LPG Gas Stove 

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Key Features: 

  • Shape: Rectangular and color: Silver. 
  • Tough and durable stainless steel is used for making the body of this gas stove. 
  • Removable spill trays made up of heat-resistant stainless steel with enamel pan support. 
  • Specially designed pan supports for a wobble-free cooking experience. 
  • Comes with two burners in total made of pure brass. (Size: One large and one small). 

The best Butterfly 2-burner gas stove is this one. It has everything that is needed for a great gas stove to have. 

Among the wide range of Butterfly’s LPG stoves, this one stands out mainly for its super-tough build. The stainless steel used for making the body passes all the parameters of being long-lasting. It is completely resistant to heat and scratches. Mistakenly falling off a heavy ladle will not create a dent in the steel body, as is often the case for other stainless steel bodies of gas stoves. 

The new addition is there in this product. A firm side grip will help you to handle the gas with ease while cooking. It becomes so simple to move and clean for this extra grip at the sides. This is missing in other gas stoves. Besides, the steady pan supports make you able to use heavy utensils perfectly while cooking.

Very strong fiber is used for making stylish control knobs. 

The brass burners are fuel-efficient. However, we felt that the large burner should produce a bit more flame at full. The warranty of this product is 5 years on all parts.  


  • The stainless steel used for the manufacture of this product is of great quality and resistant to heat and scratches. 
  • The specially designed pan supports simply does an outstanding job. 
  • The ergonomic knobs are tough and almost unbreakable. 


  • The product’s price is slightly higher, considering a 2-burner gas stove with a stainless steel body. 
  • The large burner produces a comparatively lower flame than it should be. 

Editor’s Pick: 

This Butterfly gas stove is the best among the 2-burner variants they make. The stainless steel they are using to manufacture this product won’t let you go for the glass top one. It can surely be your first choice if you are looking for a 2-burner gas stove with a tough steel body. 

6. Butterfly L3550A00000 Stainless Steel Gas Stove

Butterfly L3550A00000 Stainless Steel Gas Stove

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Key Features: 

  • Blue/White in color and rectangular. 
  • 6mm super toughened glass was used for making the cooktop.
  • Fully metallic base with black powder-coating & glossy finish. 
  • Comes with three highly efficient burners made with premium quality b and distinct sizes (1 big, 1 medium, and 1 small). 
  • Pan supports are specially made for heavy-duty purposes and easily accommodate pans and utensils of any size. 
  • Rust-free, heat-resistant, and tough stainless steel is used for making the drip trays and the body. 
  • Comes with ergonomic knobs to operate the gas stove. 

We have no doubts in our mind to say that this is one of the finest Butterfly products available in Indian markets. With its lucrative looks and praiseworthy performance, this stove can top any best gas stoves charts. 

Butterfly tried to make new changes with this product in a better way and has succeeded in doing it. 

The best thing to mention in this product is the extraordinary cooktop made with 6mm thickened glass. The glass used is transparent, and this gives an excellent look to your cookware. 

The dimensions of the product are 82.6 × 46.2 × 15.8 cm and weigh only 3.68 kgs. Can you believe it? This is a super-lightweight gas stove compared to any 3-burner variant. This makes this product extremely easy to clean. 

All three burners are made up of magnificent brass, which allows uniform heat distribution in the cooking utensils. We liked the choice of burners which come with this product, according to size. It has 3 burners of distinct sizes— one large, one medium, and one small. We found that the flames of the large burner were too much. It is advisable to keep it in the medium for this reason.

You have the liability for choosing a burner of any size according to your need. The space between the 3 burners is enough to accommodate three large-sized pans or utensils with no problem. The pan supports can fit weighty utensils easily.

The stainless steel drip tray has no holes. It is specially designed to avoid every kind of spillage.

Do not worry about the hissing sound that the burners produce.  The sound goes away after a couple of months of use. 

The warranty period of this product is 5 years on manufacturing defects, and it covers all the spare parts. 


  • The pan supports are exceptionally strong. 
  • Enough space is available between all three burners for perfect accommodation of utensils while cooking.  
  • The glass in the cooktop is transparent, which makes it look outstanding. 


  • A large amount of gas comes out of the large burner. 
  • The burners can make a hissing sound when they are brand new. 

Editor’s Pick:

This Butterfly product is extraordinary in both performance and design. The features that this stove provides to its owner are highly recommendable. It can be the perfect 3 burner gas stove for your kitchen. 


Which is the best gas stove by Butterfly?

The list we provided above only showed the best Butterfly gas stoves available in Indian markets. All the six Butterfly gas stoves we have mentioned are just the best ones out of the many Butterfly stoves we tried and tested. You can blindly trust any one of them and pick the one you require according to your preferred choice. 

But, if you want to know the best out of the best, it is probably the sixth one on our list. According to our experience with these products, the ‘Butterfly 3 burner LPG stove’ stands out as the champion among champions. 

The quality, as well as the design of this particular product, is simply extraordinary. We noted down all of its features in detail. But to mention a few, it is extremely light in weight, has superb brass burners, and has enough space available between the three burners for a hassle-free cooking experience. It has its cons but the pros outs and it by a long margin. 

Do all the Butterfly stoves come with a warranty? 

Absolutely. All the Butterfly has stoves that come with a certain period of warranty. 

The warranty period varies for different products. It generally ranges from 2 years to 5 years.

 Butterfly covers all the parts in their warranty period, which is a very good thing. Most brands give a selective warranty period, which can be considered a con. It is not the case for Butterfly has stoves.

 We humbly advise you to read the warranty policy minutely and carefully before ordering your most awaited Butterfly gas stove.


All the best Butterfly gas stoves in India are more trustable for the reputation they have been gaining over the past decade for making exquisite and extraordinary products. So, you can choose Butterfly over any other brand for your kitchen gas stove. 

It will be a good idea to read through the features, pros, and cons precisely of all the products above. This will be beneficial to choose the perfect one which will meet all your requirements. Decide the exact amount of cooking load in your kitchen. 

This will be helpful to select the exact number of burners you are going to require. Generally, 2 burners and 3 burners are enough for home kitchens. Commercial kitchens mainly require the 4 burner gas stoves. 

However, you can opt for one if you cook for a large family daily. We are hopeful that the list above of the best Butterfly gas stoves will assist you in choosing the best gas stove. Happy cooking!